Raw Beauty Chamkeela toothpowder – product review

BRAND CLAIMS: Ingredients List - Himalayan rock salt, edible activated charcoal from forest wood, organic turmeric powder, organic clove & cinnamon powder. Directions - Take some in your palm & use it with brush or finger. Saliva in the mouth will facilitate brushing. Once in a while add a drop of Organic cold pressed mustard... Continue Reading →

Product Review – I SAY ORGANIC tomato ketchup

BRAND CLAIMS: MY TAKE: Ketchup is one thing we are so used to these days in our fast forward lifestyle, as an add on for so many dishes. The commercial ketchups available in the market namely Maggi, Kissan, etc. have so many undesirable additives and do more harm than good. I recently got to try... Continue Reading →

Satliva Red Raspberry face cream – Product Review

BRAND CLAIMS: MY TAKE: Satliva is a unique natural brand whose entire range is formulated with Hemp as the main ingredient. It is one of the very few brands that checked all the right boxes in the recent times in terms of quality, efficiency, ingredients, eco consciousness & ethics. Satliva claims that their entire range... Continue Reading →

Sorich Organics Moring Green tea & Tulsi Review

{PR Sample} BRAND CLAIMS: MY TAKE: Sorich Organics is an authentic food brand that I came to know in the recent times. There are very few food brands in India that seem to be safe & trustworthy. I was convinced with their positioning and claims and decided to give it a shot. It┬ádeals in natural,... Continue Reading →

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