Here I am with my page ‘NATUROID’-Nature for the android generation. The main purpose is to feed my writing skills as I’m one who uses four sentences in place of one 😉

My page will have a place for anything under the sun that contributes to a harmonious soul as a person/family/society. For the harmony to sustain long term, the process should be in alignment with Nature. I have been through an amazing transformation in the last five years, which has drawn me closer to Nature. My belief system says “Nature has it all”.

Having clarified the above, anything chemical based, short lived or mechanised will be a strict ‘No No’ on my page. Vaguely I will be covering organic food, natural skin care products, chemical free household products, yoga, psychology, philosophy, mythology, traditions, superstitions, baby products(in future ofcourse) & lot more.

Please feel free to disagree with my perspective and correct my facts, if wrong. Let us grow together.

Shameena 🙂

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