Carmesi all natural sanitary pads review





Regular pads have 90% plastic! They block airflow to the vagina, allow chemicals to enter the bloodstream and increase chances of cervical cancer, UTIs, yeast infections, rashes, allergies and skin sensitivity.


Carmesi is a range of sanitary pads that claims to change the narrative with its completely natural biodegradable sanitary napkins made from the antibacterial, absorbent and super soft plant based fibres of corn and bamboo.

They come in two sizes the regular and XL, both come with wings. I tried their XL variant. Read on to know my experience…

Packaging: It comes in a paperboard outer carton. It looks classy color coded with white & black which hardly goes wrong. Each pad comes with a disposable bag. The pads are kept inside these bags compactly wrapped in a napkin covers like the conventional ones.


Ingredients Analysis: These napkins are claimed to be biodegradable because the sanitary pad core is made of bamboo fibre and the top sheet is made of corn fibre. The specifics of the individual disposable bags aren’t mentioned.


Efficiency: The vaginal skin is extremely sensitive and permeable. I felt a drastic difference in terms of  breathability, softness & comfort compared to commercial sanitary pads. It is super thin, light, relieving & relaxing. I could literally feel my vagina thanking me. There is absolutely no feeling of suffocation unlike in the commercial ones that feel like plastic and are non skin friendly & non ecofriendly toxic laden. Trust me, even during high temperatures in Chennai, it was the same inspite of sweating and humidity.


My cycle lasts for 5-7 days wit heavy flow for first three days & spotting on the remaining days. This sanitary pad has a very good absorption capacity as claimed. It was able to withstand even my very heavy flow and the waterproof backing did a neat job holding it without stain for 4-6 hours. The sticker though not as adhesive like in commercial pads holds it in place if stuck properly to a dry panty in the first attempt itself. Resticking/replacing will fail and the pad may not stay in place in such cases. There is no feeling of wetness that I expected. It does withstand heavy flow even for more than 4 hours,  however we are aware that it is important to change a pad every 4-6 hours irrespective of the same.


The back area is lengthier and wider enough and stays intact preventing stain. Unlike the heydaycare pad which is 290mm the XL variant of Carmesi is 315mm and the front coverage in terms of both length & breadth does suffice. Hence, even if your active during periods, it doesn’t stain. The disposal is even more easier with the individual bags apart from the usual covers.



  • Light & comfortable
  • Avoids airblock to vagina
  • compostable
  • toxic free
  • healthy & safer option
  • Superior absorption capacity
  • length & breadth suffices & prevents staining


  • expensive

My Verdict:  A healthier, safer & natural replacement for commercial sanitary napkins with the perfect size & absorption capacity. Looks like I have found my HG disposable sanitary napkin.

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  1. This is not a collaboration post.
  2. The review applies only to this product of the brand. Other products of the same brand may or may not have the same qualities.
  3. Natural products/Essential oils can be allergic to some. Hence, testing is adviced before use.


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