Palmera’s coir utensil scrub Review



Say goodbye to having bits of steel & synthetic scrubs in your food. Here we have a 100% natural scrub that is safe on coated utensils unlike steel scrubs and cleans better than anything plastic. Now in the traditional circular shape. Made using 100% naturally processed coir bristle by artisans of Ethamozhy coir cluster, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu.

Materials used:

  • No synthetic or rubber based adhesives used.
  • 100% natural coir scrub stitched together with cotton thread. 
  • scrub diameter – 12cm



Palmera is an environmentally sensitive business that manufactures fine natural fibre brushes for home & industrial use, made by artisans only in Kanyakumari district in India.  Palmera believes that fine products come from better ingredients and the best come from none but the source. The palm trees, be it the green coconut or the rustic palmyrah have kept us for generations with food to eat and myriad little things to make our lives comfortable, enjoyable & fun. Not many of them are remembered & have lost their relevance with the changing times. Palmera claims that having enjoyed the quality of these materials and how they can make a difference in our everyday lives, they are here reinventing some great products of yore.

In the journey to natural lifestyle, I wished to try & swap every possible synthetic product around with a natural substitute. I like to keep myself surrounded with natural materials as much possible for two reasons 1. The vibes & the feel good factor 2. Knowing the hazards of micro plastics, I wanted to avoid/replace each & every plastic/synthetic in my vicinity. When it comes to switching from synthetic to natural, certain things can be readily replaced as their natural alternatives are easily available but a few things are hard to be replaced because it is very difficult to find a natural substitute in the market for the same in the current scenario. One such is the utensil scrub we use. I had been searching for a swap for long and was super happy when I spotted this lovely ecofriendly brand, Palmera.

Read on to know my take on Palmera’s coir utensil scrub.


Packaging: For an ecofriendly product to serve the intent, ideally the process should be ecofriendly from source to delivery. That way, Palmera delivers the product intact wrapped up in newspapers instead of undesirable plastic covers/bubble wraps👏.

Ingredients analysis: The product is free of any synthetic or adhesives and is made of just two materials namely cotton thread & bristle coir fibre, which is the longest, strongest & finest grade of coir fibre. It is 100% naturally processed and hand combed to perfection.


Efficiency: Palmera coir utensil scrub is finely handcrafted and efficient for use. Usage directions are the same as any synthetic scrub. It comes in circular shape and reasonably flexible enough, ideal for cleaning any vessel. The corners facilitate easier cleaning of edges & grooves. It is gentle enough and doesn’t scratch or cause friction while cleaning. As per requirements, it can also be cut into smaller pieces & used. As the stitching is done perfect, the coir bristles donot come off on cutting & stays intact to perform the function appropriately. Like any other scrub, it shud also be drained after use to enhance its life. Palmera coir scrub is as durable as a scotch brite(the utensil scrub that is currently trending and used in most households).

With Palmera scrub, one need not worry about synthetics coming in touch with utensils and leaving behind residues that we unknowingly intake with food(like micro plastics, etc) & are hazardous for health.



  • affordable(cheaper than commercial available equivalents)
  • natural
  • synthetic free
  • adhesive free
  • finely handcrafted
  • durable
  • not harsh on utensils
  • cleans well
  • Sustainable brand
  • ecofriendly packaging & delivery


  • none

Naturoid’s Verdict: Palmera’s utensil coir scrub is as efficient & durable as a scotch brite but is natural, safer & cheaper than the same. Go for it✌️✨

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  1. This is not a collaboration post
  2. The review applies only to this product of the brand. Other products of the same brand may or may not have the same qualities.







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