Raw Beauty Chamkeela toothpowder – product review



Ingredients List – Himalayan rock salt, edible activated charcoal from forest wood, organic turmeric powder, organic clove & cinnamon powder.

Directions – Take some in your palm & use it with brush or finger. Saliva in the mouth will facilitate brushing. Once in a while add a drop of Organic cold pressed mustard or coconut oil to enhance benefits.


There are only a handful of clean brands in India. Raw beauty is a budding brand that has recently joined the league. I would be wrong if I say Raw beauty is a ‘promising’ brand as it is already making waves in such a short span and has already ‘established’ its authenticity and efficiency with majority repeat customers as proof.  When it comes to organic brands, sourcing of ingredients is what matters.  Either the product should be certified organic or the formulator should be trustworthy. Raw beauty falls under the second category but frankly it is no less than an organic certification will be my take. The reason being, knowing Sunayana, the face behind The Raw Beauty, as the person she is, her roots and belief system are way too strong and aligned towards Mother Nature, which was evident in so many instances. Hence, I was pretty confident about her sourcing and personally trust her. She is not one who will ever accept or take anything easy. She will do her homework and has the knowledge & experience to understand & figure out authentic sources and get it right. Most of the ingredients are sourced from her nearby organic farm from where she gets vegetable supply for her family and remaining from trustworthy sources after the required background check & research. 90% of her brand’s ingredients are organic with the remaining 10% either wild harvested or natural/pure free of any synthetics.

About the brand, Raw beauty wasn’t a planned venture. Sunayana was basically into organic lifestyle and was making all her food, basic necessities & toiletries at home unlike most of us today who are used to buying everything readymade unaware of their toxic effects. The Raw Beauty journey started when she shared samples of her homemade toothpowder ‘Chamkeela’ with her circle who were all into organic lifestyle but could neither source authentic toxic free toiletries readymade nor had the time to make it at home. They all loved the effectiveness of the formulation and requested for a regular supply. Sunayana has been unstoppable since then and started formulating all basic personal care products that are simple & effective, thus leading to the launch of the brand, ‘Raw Beauty’.


I have been using the Chamkeela toothpowder for more than three months now. Following is my take on the same.

Packaging: It comes in a sturdy glass jar with a metal lid. The label is simple yet classy with a dark blue & white label that has all required details. The best part is the delivery which is also ecofriendly. There was no use of plastic wraps or covers anywhere other than a few salotapes which can’t be avoided. There are many natural brands out there who feel glass packaging is inconvenient for delivery but Raw Beauty beautifully breaks it by delivering each one of these glass jars wrapped in layers of newspapers that reaches the customer, intact. Kudos👏.

Color & Texture: It is a brownish black coarse powder with white himalayan rock salt particles spotted.

Fragrance: It has a rich sweet smell mostly of cinnamon & clove. Being a nosy person, aroma is the first thing that catches my attention in any product & I  loved this refreshing pleasant fragrance of Chamkeela.

Ingredients Analysis:

Himalayan rock salt – People native to Himalayas have been using pink salt or rock salt in different combinations for maintaining optimum oral health for generations. The active salt component is not only beneficial for teeth enamel but it’s also very healthy for the gums. The most common problem that leads to teeth enamel being eroded is over acidity in the mouth, Himalayan salt will help build a pH neutral mouth flora guarding gums and teeth enamel. It will also help eliminate bad breath, bleeding of the gums and reduce tartar from between the teeth. It acts as a natural teeth whitener by abrading the tartar which forms cavities. Most importantly, it has calcium flouride which is critical for oral health. (Commercial toothpastes have sodium fluoride which is artificially synthesized).

Edible activated charcoal from forest wood- It is a natural whitener that re-mineralizes, strengthens, cleans & polishes teeth.

Organic turmeric powder- It is a well-known anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial herb that can prevent gingivitis, gum disease, remove plaque, bacteria, relieve dental pain and inflammation. It also has the potential to prevent oral cancer.

Organic clove-  Eugenol is the main compound in clove known for it’s powerful analgesic (pain relieving) and antiseptic properties. It helps in controlling mouth odors and pain. It reduces the bacteria that cause gum disease.

Cinnamon powder- It can kill bacteria in the mouth and help prevent inflammation. Also prevents tooth decay and gum disease in addition to natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which help avoid physical deterioration. It helps with bad breath.

This is the full ingredients list and there are no added colors(artificial, food grade or natural), no added fragrances & preservatives😀.


Efficiency: As people these days have realised the potential of natural alternatives & toxicity/side effects of synthetics, commercial brands are fulfledged into brainwashing them highlighting the same. I couldn’t help but laugh seeing every single toothpaste commercial claiming “This one has salt, that one has charcoal and what not” 🤣 but in reality I don feel any of them have them as the main ingredient, not to mention the presence of majority toxic synthetics, additives & fillers which is of more harm than good. The only relief is that they themself have now come to an agreement that natural alternatives are better & are in a way indirectly promoting them. Happy me😉💚.

I had been looking for safer toothpaste/toothpowder options for quite sometime but wasn’t happy with my finds. That was when, I got to try Chamkeela. It’s been more than 3 months since I started using it and I’m thoroughly impressed with the same.  Little is required per use and this 100g will last for upto 4 months per person. I take the required amount in my hands and dip my bamboo toothbrush’s bristles in the same and brush for a good 2-3 minutes. It tastes yumm😋 of salt & cinnamon. It doesn’t stain & leaves the teeth squeaky clean along with a fresh breath. My observations in 3 months below:

  • reduction in sensitivity
  • reduction in plaque
  • enhanced teeth whitening
  • gums felt strengthened
  • reduction in inflammation & bleeding gums

I felt almost all the requirements for a good oral health have been fixed. Also, not to mention that there aren’t many these days who don’t have the need to pay a visit to their dentists. I frankly feel, if one uses Chamkeela continuously, there won’t be a need for the same. Trust me, this formulation may sound basic & simple but is super efficient.

Logically speaking, looking at the simple ingredients, some may feel, as to why one should buy them when it can be easily made at home but the key is

  • Right sourcing of organic/pure ingredients that matters.
  • Also, salt, charcoal, clove, turmeric & cinnamon should be used in the right proportion as over use may lead to corrosion of the tooth enamel.

So, If U have the right sourcing & required knowledge about the same, DIY is definitely the wiser choice but otherwise, my take would be to leave such formulations to trustworthy experts.



  • Organic
  • ecofriendly packaging & delivery
  • reduction in sensitivity
  • reduction in plaque
  • enhanced teeth whitening
  • gums felt strengthened
  • overall oral health enhanced
  • Little goes a long way
  • no added colors
  • no added fragrances
  • no added preservatives
  • Free of all synthetic chemicals
  • value for money


  • Availability

NATUROID’s Verdict: Chamkeela is a simple, raw, strong & superefficient formulation, the prolonged usage of the which can help prevent dentist appointments for sure and drastically enhance Oral health compared to any other options available in the market. Go for it without a second thought!


  1. This is not a collaboration post
  2. The review applies only to this product of the brand. Other products of the same brand may or may not have the same qualities.









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