Yami Herbals Floral Fruity Facepack Review

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Yami herbals is a humble, trustworthy & traditional home made brand that claims to be 100% natural & synthetic/chemical free. It is one of the affordable brands in the natural segment. I was initially sceptical about this brand’s authenticity but after doing my usual homework, found it promising.

Read on to know my take on their floral fruity face pack.

Packaging: It was sent to me in a cylindrical container made of paper board. The label design was trendy, color coded with white & black. The product was inside it in a plastic tub with a screw cap & spoon. This had an orange themed label with the key details. I liked the outer black & white paperboard carton, but not a fan of the inner plastic tub & label.

Texture & Colour : It is a finely powdered light brownish ubtan. Easy to mix and apply with curd or rose water as directed. This is safe & mild for daily use & the 100g should last for atleast 2 months when used everyday for face & neck.

Fragrance: It has a rich herbal fragrance along with a hint of fruity & floral tones.  If you are a fan of traditional ayurvedic spa/massage centres, you will love this fragrance.


Ingredients Analysis: The ingredients list is simple and effective(please check above). Some of their benefits as below:

  • Rose petals – They have anti-inflammatory properties, fights skin dullness, can ease rosacea symptoms, soothes sunburn, lifts impurities & replenish skin.
  • Hibiscus flowers – This helps with age spots, encourages a fresher, younger, smoother looking complexion. The natural acids present in hibiscus helps to purify skin by breaking down dead skin and increases cell turnover. They also help to control acne breakouts.
  • Lotus petals – They are rich in antioxidants, acts as a skin conditioner, moisturising agent, heals flaky dry skin & prevents acne breakouts
  • Avarampoo(Tanner’s cassia) – Imparts glow, reduces dark spots and acne scars and most importantly, hydrates & tones skin
  • papaya – It contains vitamin A and papain enzyme which helps remove dead skin cells and inactive proteins, thus rejuvenating your skin. It also helps keeps skin hydrated, lightens blemishes & imparts glowing skin,
  • Green gram – It is a highly potent beauty ingredient, packed with vitamins and enzymes that rejuvenates the skin. It deals with skin problems such as acne and dry skin
  • Hazel nut – Keeps premature ageing at bay, improves skin hydration, works on sun damage, keeps our skin Soft, smooth and provides relief from acne.

Apart from the above, it has no added colours & fragrance. Also, Ubtans generally don’t require preservatives.


Efficiency: It is a fine powder and spreads easily with both brush & hands. Before bedtime, I use them on face, mixed with one of my toners/hydrosols. It feels so cooling, soothing & hydrating. I keep it for 10 minutes & wash off. If you keep it for a longer time, it dries off & stubbornly sticks to the skin. You will find it difficult to wash off.  I was able to notice visible difference in a week. It effectively reduced the tan. Though there wasn’t significant improvement, I also felt it working on the intensity of my scars & blemishes. It balances sebum, rejuvenates the skin & gives a subtle healthy glow(unlike the bleaching effect which most commercial facepacks give)

The best part with ubtans is that, it can be used in multiple ways. I also tried using it as an everyday cleanser, twice a day. It did a neat job removing dirt, excess oil and leaves the skin squeaky clean & balanced.

I have allready tried their skin brightening face pack which is said to be apt for dry skin as it gives better hydration and this floral fruity pack is said to be ideal for oily, sensitive skin but according to me, both do a good job with all skin types depending on the medium used for mixing.



  • 100% natural
  • synthetic/chemical free
  • Tan removal
  • healthy glow
  • Reduces breakouts
  • economically priced


  • availability
  • packaging standards can be improved

My Verdict: This is a worthy product & not to be underestimated for its simplicity. Yami herbals ubtans are definitely better than many other overhyped & overpriced ones in the market💪

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