Aroma Essentials Tomato facewash Review

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Ingredients List: tomato pulp powder, strawberry pulp powder, cedarwood eos, sandalwood eos, rosewood eos, AHAs, skin safe gel base q.s., added color(food grade), geogard.

Description: Unclogs pores. Tomatoes contain high amounts of antioxidants that help in adding collagen to the skin and prevents it from sagging. 

Directions: Wet face, apply(1g) a peanut size cleanser, massage and rinse off with water.



Aroma Essentials is one of the most affordable & efficient natural skincare brand. If cost is the only reason that is stopping you to switch from toxic synthetic/chemical to natural skincare, then Aroma Essentials is your answer. Really appreciate the presence of mind of the brand in selling small quantities in affordable price points. This is also because their shelf life is just 6 months & am happy that they have not compromised by adding toxic preservatives.

Tomato based skincare always makes me feel nostalgic, as tomato was my go to DIY skin care ingredient during my teenage. Unlike now, I had no idea about it’s antioxidant properties, etc. then, but have always loved what it did to my skin. My mom’s default suggestions for skincare were potato, tomato & lemon and I frequently used them because

  • they were available in the kitchen for grab, anytime
  • they are all season veggies, hence never goes out of stock
  • easy to use(I just slice and dab all over my face and neck)
  • loved the glow imparted

Now, after years, having understood the basics of skincare, ingredients and the goodness of tomato better, I recently got to try aroma essentials tomato facewash and following is my take on the same.

Packaging: It comes in a plastic bottle with a flip cap that is easy to use & dispenses right amount of product required. It is leak proof & travel friendly.

Texture: It is a thick silky smooth gel that is easy to spread.

Color: It is pinkish red that exactly resembles the color of a tomato sauce that we get in fast food shops.

Fragrance: It has a fruity+woody aroma with medication like undertones, the ones I smell in cough syrups, tonics, etc. I have been into aromatherapy based skincare products for years now and this one doesn’t feel natural but as it wasn’t overpowering, was not of much botheration.


Ingredients Analysis: 

Tomato pulp powder – Rich in antioxidants & delay aging, treats open pores, imparts glow to skin, acts as a stress reliever, perfect astringent, fights cellular damage & is a natural bleaching agent.

Strawberry pulp powder – Rich in vitamin C, it nourishes, revitalizes, clears blemishes and acne scars. It is acidic in nature and is effective to remove the excess sebum.

Cedarwood eos –  It has toning, anti inflammatory & antiseptic qualities that are effective in caring for oily, acne-prone skin.

Sandalwood eos – Sandalwood is one star ingredient when it comes to skincare. The benefits are immense. Regular use of the same can fight acne, exfoliate the skin, soothe sunburn, remove suntan, and reduce signs of aging. Pure sandalwood essential oil is one of the most expensive and hence I’m a bit sceptical as to how a product with the same can be given at this price. However, Safer bet/logic is to assume that negligible quantity is used.

Rosewood essential oil – it helps tone and slows the aging process by increasing cell regeneration. It reduces the appearance of scars and fine lines, making the scar tissues soft & flexible.

AHAs – It increases cell turnover and reduces acne scars & soothes inflamed skin. The AHA here is from citric acid.

Gel base q.s. – The specifics of the same aren’t mentioned, hence is of concern.

Added color – It has added foodgrade color whose specifics aren’t mentioned. Though they are of lesser concern than artifical colors, logically they are added only for attraction and have no benefits as such. Also, food grade colors have mild concerns with prolonged use, hence I always prefer products without any added colors unless they are from ingredients, fruit & vegetable pigments, oleoresin, mica, clays, etc which are a safer bet when it comes to source of colors for natural products.

Geogard – It is a preservative combination involving benzyl alcohol.


Efficiency: I use it twice a day as directed. Over usage may be drying as it isn’t a gentle lightweight cleanser & has bleaching properties. Following up with a toner and sunscreen in the day time is a must, for the same reason. I take a pea size amount and apply on wet skin, massage for a minute and wash off. The smooth texture makes it pleasant & easy to spread. It doesn’t lather at all, so at first I tried using more quantity to make sure the cleansing is done thoroughly but later on realised that it’s all the same and a pea size does the job. The 60ml should last for a little more than a month when used twice everyday for face, front & back neck. It neatly cleanses leaving a squeaky clean skin and is easy to wash off in just two splashes. It does remove all light make up but doesn’t do much to waterproof make up. It gives an instant glow or bleaching effect I would say that lasts for an hour or so. It contributes in drying out pimples and acne for sure. It neither hydrates nor dries out the skin and balances the sebum, leaving it just right. It also helps in removing tan to an extent due to its bleaching effect.


  • affordable
  • efficient
  • cleans well
  • accelerates the drying process of acne & pimples
  • no new breakouts
  • works on tan
  • no artificial colours or fragrance
  • travel friendly packaging
  • cruelty free
  • handmade
  • free of sulphates & parabens


  • base specifics not mentioned
  • has added food grade color
  • the glow doesn’t last long
  • has benzyl alcohol which is of concern
  • availability

NATUROID’s take: This is one of the efficient & affordable cleansers out there in the natural category that does it’s basic job neatly!

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