The Kitsch Box House Targaryen soap Review

*PR sample



This is the fire and blood bathing bar, of house Kitsch Box, the defender of dirt, Queen of the toiletries, Khaleesi of the bath tub, bringer of softness, refresher of the body and breaker of dull skin and darkness.

Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Activated Charcoal, Neem Oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Palm oil, Castor oil and FDA approved red mica

Weight: 120gm




The Kitsch Box is a home run, e-commerce business that specialises in making sophisticated, classy, customised, handmade and out-of-the-box gifts. Like most e-commerce ventures there is no huge team managing The Kitsch Box. It’s Priyanka, a 25 year old, whose endeavour is to ensure that each and every product brought to the table is tailor-made, giving the gift a more personalised touch. Her devotion lies in creating handmade gifts and she strongly believes that when the gift is handmade it will make not only the gift, but also the receiver feel more special and loved. The goal is to deliver gifts with a personalised touch which one can never obtain from any gift shop on the road.

I recently got to try their handmade soap. They have a range of cold processed, hot processed and melt & pour soaps. Priyanka, being an avid reader, crafter and techie, has interestingly named the soaps after the ‘Game of Thrones’ houses🤩. The GOT fan in me, having missed the series for a long time now, was super happy with the same😀. Since the Stark variant was out of stock, I grabbed the Targaryen one(second favorite, obviously). Not only are the soaps named after the houses of GOT but the properties of the soaps are also aligned with the characteristics of each house, to an extent. I loved the description of each soap and mine sure made me feel like a Khaleesi for a moment😎.

Following is my take on the Targaryen hand made soap by The Kitsch Box.


Packaging: It comes in a classy paperboard carton colour coordinated with the house theme with the basis details.

Color & Texture: It’s a lovely black & red shaded solid bar that is sturdy yet delicate & soft like an ideal texture of a cold process soap.

Fragrance: I’m sold to this mild dewy soothing fragrance that is so calming & relieving. I loved the undertones of different oils with tea tree one standing out.

Ingredients Analysis: The main ingredients namely  tea tree & activated charcoal have ultra clarifying properties, keeps oily skin clear, deep cleans pores and reduces the size, prevents and treats acne and pimples, tightens and makes skin firmer, exterminates odour and acts as a natural exfoliant. The palm, coconut, castor & olive oil have skin nourishing & conditioning properties along with various other immense benefits. The color is from red mica, charcoal and there is no added fragrance.


Efficiency: I love hand made soaps, especially cold processed soaps as they are more of an experience than cleansing. I love engaging with the smooth delicate bar, enjoying and capitalising it’s pure aroma. It lathers mildly, creating a subtle milky foam. It cleanses well and soothes mild irritation & bacne. Having dry body skin, charcoal & teatree aren’t my thing. Hence I expected it to dry my skin further but to my surprise it balanced the sebum and left my skin soft, supple, hydrated and the same lasted for hours even without moisturiser. Very few soaps that I have used are capable of this.

The tea tree oil in the soap may cause mild irritation in the vagina, which is expected. Like every cold processed soap,  this one will last for upto 15-20 days max depending on the usage & water. Also, the soap will suit all seasons, no doubt.



  • Synthetic free
  • cold processed
  • no artificial color & fragrance
  • cruelty free
  • Leaves skin soft, supple & nourished
  • Soothes acne & mild irritation


  • availability

Naturoid’s Verdict: This is a super efficient & super tender at the same time just like our very own Khaleesi😎

P.S. The review is for the variant ‘The Targaryen’ only and does not apply to other variants as each are prepared by different processes & ingredients.

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