Bcraft shop bamboo utensils -Review


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Uniqueness of Wooden utensils:

  • They won’t scratch your cookware
  • They don’t conduct heat
  • It is an inert material & won’t leach harmful chemicals into food
  • Has easy to grip handles
  • They look beautiful
  • They are durable
  • They have germ killing properties
  • It is an environmentally responsible choice


  • Clean it just after use
  • Donot let food or beverages dry in utensils as it can damage it internally
  • Wash it with normal water
  • Use continuously, once started
  • Donot let them dry in sun for more than 30 minutes



When I curiously started exploring Indian traditions, I also came to know about the vessels used by them and happened to understand the reason for using the same. Every vessel they used were made of materials that had a specific health benefit. I had been using stainless steel plates and glass vessels mostly for cooking and food consumption. Both these are neutral materials, they neither have any additional health benefits nor any adverse effects. So, I recently replaced my steel plate with a wooden one from Bcraftshop.com.

Bcraftshop is an online shopping site, established to provide the North East Indian craftsmen, a relatively larger platform, to show their craftsmanship to the rest of the world. They have a lovely collection of bamboo & wooden furniture, cutlery & vases. The products are handcrafted with skills & raw materials from natural heritage.

Following is my take on their wooden plate made of teak.

Packaging: It was sent in a cardboard box neatly wrapped in several layers of newspaper. Product was intact and reached safe.

Look & Feel: I was happy with the outcome in terms of adherence to design and measurements as requested but I felt the precision of edges were not upto the mark as in the original design. I also requested it to be sent free of any polish or coating which was adhered to and I liked the raw and neat look of the same.


Health Benefits: Wooden vessels in general improves appetite and increases Kapha dosha, one of the three doshas of Ayurveda. It is the watery element characterised by heaviness, cold, tenderness, softness, slowness, lubrication and the carrier of nutrients. It is the nourishing element of the body. All soft organs are made by kapha, it plays an important role in the perception of taste, together with nourishment and lubrication. Also, it is said that wood inhibits bacterial growth.

Efficiency: The plate is thick & sturdy. The surface is matte and just right for food intake. The only con is that it is a slightly unstable when placed on a flat surface as the bottom rim isn’t designed appropriately to balance and stand firm. Though this was of negligible concern, I felt the finish wasn’t upto the mark.

On the maintainence part, unlike stainless steel, it should not be rough handled. As instructed, I wash and dry them immediately after use as it shouldn’t be left to dry with leftover food or immersed in water to be washed later. Washing with plain water would suffice is the claim but in case the foods are oily, I feel the need for a thorough wash with a natural cleanser in warm water because it is adviced not to use harsh chemical detergents that may deteriorate the properties of the wood. If the plate is too dry or parched, I apply coconut or olive oil on a clean cotton cloth and just rub over the surface. It is scratch proof and strong.


Ecofriendly angle: Wood is biodegradable. Also, Bcraftshop claims that the teak used to make the plate is sustainable wood from sustainably managed forests.


  • Customisable design on request
  • Biodegradable
  • Durable
  • scratch proof
  • health benefits
  • Handcrafted


  • precision of finish can be improved
  • minor stability concern
  • expensive

My Verdict: Bcraftshop is definitely promising when it comes to readymade and customised bamboo products. It would be great if they focus on perfection of the finish too!

Buy this product on www.bcraftshop.com

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