Chennai Soap Company Cold Processed Handmade Rose soap Review



*the product was sent for review and following are my honest observations post usage.


Ingredients List: Olive oil , coconut oil , Almond oil , rose water, rose oil, rose clay, rose petals powder



I am more of a soap person & an ardent lover of handmade soaps to be specific(not the commercial synthetic/chemical laden ones). The only times I use a shower gel is when I travel.

I recently came across a lovely brand CHENNAI SOAP COMPANY that exclusively makes handmade cold processed soaps. When I started interacting with the maker, Sharmeen, her passion for soap making was crystal clear. She calls it her best stress buster😃. It’s a blessing when someone’s profession is their passion. It is a win-win for the maker who indulges in her craft with love & the consumer as the outcome will be desirable💗.

Following is my take on Chennai Soap Company’s handmade Rose cold processed soap.


Packaging: It comes in a cloth bag with a classy black tag that has all details of the soap tied with a golden thread. Inside is the soap covered in a gift wrap (instead of a plastic cover that I expected). Brownie points to this luxurious ecofriendly packaging.

Texture: It has soft, creamy and waxy, ready to melt yummy texture. The kind I thoroughly enjoy using.

Color & Fragrance: It’s a cream coloured soap that strongly smells of country rose water with pleasant undertones of oils. The fragrance doesn’t stay post shower. Both color & fragrance are from ingredients.


Ingredients analysis: The ingredients of this soap are either organic, natural or wild harvested.

The ingredients comprise of nourishing oils namely

Olive oil- rich in vitamins, antioxidants; Excellent moisturiser; fights bacteria.

coconut oil- excellent moisturiser; anti bacterial & anti fungal; treats sunburn and prevents premature aging,

Almond oil- promotes flawless skin; deep cleanses & prevents acne; treats skin rashes, psoriasis & eczema; reduces tan & signs of aging.

along with the ingredients of this soap variant namely

rose petals powder, rose water & rose oil- maintains pH balance and prevents excess oil; helps hydrate, revitalise & moisturise; anti bacterial properties help in healing scars & wounds; excellent antioxidant, antispasmodic & astringent; powerful mood enhancing fragrance thus helps with anxiety & is a powerful aphrodisiac.

rose clay – absorbs impurities from the skin such as dirt, makeup and oil; good exfoliation; gently cleanses and is excellent for sensitive skin.

The soap is also free of any synthetic chemicals, added color or fragrance. Hence there are no ingredients of concern👍

Efficiency: This cold processed soap is as raw as it can be. I use it on wet skin directly. It has a subtle milky lather that is soothing & nourishing, unlike a commercial synthetic/chemical laden soap. The clay gives a very mild & much needed everyday exfoliation.

As I have dry body skin, I always choose Rose based variants when it comes to body care products. I have used Chennai Soap Company’s Neem & turmeric, Lavender soaps which were really good in moisturising(I expected them to be drying), as they were made with nourishing oils. However, I wanted to give the Rose soap a shot to see if it was even better in moisturisation and as expected it is. Infact it kept my skin soft & supple for upto 8 hours(when stayed indoors) post shower without being followed up with a moisturiser. However, it should work for all skin types as it is more of the balancing type(clay plays the role in tallying the same I guess) and not excessively moisturising.

It also keeps the skin calm & cool thus preventing bacne & itching. It also helps in keeping body odour at bay(this doesn’t mean U can skip Ur deo). This 100g soap , when used everyday as a body cleanser, will last for 15-20 days approx(depending on the water). This is the case with most handmade cold processed soaps who don’t compromise on the quality. So, am ok with this part.



  • synthetic free
  • organic, wild harvested & natural ingredients
  • nourishing, balancing & moisturising
  • ecofriendly packaging
  • Handmade & cold processed
  • cruelty free


  • expensive.

My Verdict: I have used many high end soaps & there are very few soaps in the market with this quality. Chennai Soap Company’s creations are worth it & a must try!

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