Bcraftshop organic white tea: mint, peppermint, spearmint – Review

*The product was sent for review and below is my honest observation post usage for a specific interval.





Bcraftshop is an online shopping site, established to provide the North East Indian craftsmen, a relatively larger platform, to show their craftsmanship to the rest of the world. They have a lovely collection of bamboo furniture, cutlery, vases & organic white te range. The products are handcrafted with skills & raw materials from natural heritage.


White tea is exclusively made from tender buds and young leaves. Usually only the youngest silvery leaves, free of chlorophyll, and still covered with short white hair or down are used. The leaves and buds grown for white tea are actually picked before the shoots open, picked and allowed to wither and dry in natural sun, with no additional processing. The process is the simplest, without rolling or frying, thus preserving the chemical composition of the tea leaves. It is steamed before drying to prevent oxidation. The resultant flavour is characterised as ‘lighter & delicate’ than traditional black or green teas. It also has comparatively lesser caffeine content than other teas. In Europe, white tea is known as the most natural and healthiest type of tea.


Packaging: It comes in an air tight thick plastic outer carton. Inside are the tea bags(4 each) in air filled plastic packets. Since Bcraftshop has positioned itself as an eco-conscious brand, I was concerned as to why plastic is used for packaging to which they explained that since white tea is the most delicate and is required to be preserved and transported in a oxygen filled air tight packaging, they could not do away with the same. However, it will be great if they can figure out an ecofriendly & logistic friendly alternative(e.g. steel container) to stay in alignment with their ecofriendly positioning. The tea bags are made of corn fiber, that is biodegradable and is safe for dipping in hot water.

Color: It gives an ivory to light brown shade depending on the steeping time.

Aroma: In general mint, spearmint & peppermint aroma is supposed to be refreshing, pleasant and awakening. The white tea version of it had similar properties except that it was just the lighter, soothing and relieving version of the same.

Flavour: It tastes light, like the slightly sweetened & pleasant flavour of mint, peppermint & spearmint.

Ingredients Analysis: It has organic white tea of mint, peppermint and spearmint that is handpicked from organic sustainable farms and traditionally prepared without machine processing. It is free of any additives, added colors or preservatives.

Health Benefits: On the health aspect, it is said to reduce risk of colon, skin and lung cancer, cardiovascular disorder, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, relief to diabetic people, eliminate toxins, help cure asthma, whiten teeth and combat bad breath, prevent motion sickness and nausea, heal acne, prevent anemia and help in maintaining hormonal balance.


Efficiency: I steep the tea bag for 3-5 minutes in boiled hot water and get a flavour characterised as ‘very light’ . If I need a flavour that can be called ‘light’ , I need to leave it to steep for 5 more minutes but how much ever it is brewed, I realised that it is impossible to get a flavour characterised as ‘strong’ from a white tea. This is it’s uniqueness. The same tea bag can be used for two more brewing. I add jaggery or honey and drink. It is better to avoid refined sugar as it will affect the delivery of the fullest benefits of the white tea. To understand why jaggery is healthier, read the full article Jaggery Vs Sugar

I have tried most types of tea namely green, black and herbal teas. They were all  good and have their own set of benefits but white tea is a completely different experience. It has the same refreshing and relieving effects that I had from plain peppermint tea(herbal tea) but this one was so light(not subtle), it was even more soothingly refreshing, relaxing, relieving and calming. The post ‘feel good’ effects were remarkable and stayed for a longer time compared to other teas. I would say white tea is an ideal holistic tea.

I can’t comment on the health benefits right now because they will take time to show and moreover, it should be in alignment with a proper diet(e.g. drinking other teas or coffee along with this may hinder the benefits). Hence it can’t be directly analysed but the health benefits mentioned are inherent in the same and a proven fact.



  • claimed as the healthiest tea
  • obtained from organic sustainable farming practices
  • handpicked & traditionally processed
  • minimal processed tea
  • Better relaxing, soothing & relieving than regular herbal tea
  • biodegradable tea bag
  • lesser caffeine than in other teas


  • plastic packaging

My Verdict: If post drinking ‘feel good’ factor is the goal(and not the short living trigger of caffeine) along with amazing health benefits, white tea is the ideal choice. It is a holistic tea with amazing health benefits. 

Buy this product on www.bcraftshop.comp

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