Satliva – Argan Rosemary Hair cream Review

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Ingredients List: Hemp Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Bees wax, Rosemarry Essential Oil.


  • Restores dry, damaged & chemically treated hair, makes the hair smooth.
  • Minimizes split-ends, moisturises scalp & stimulates hair growth.
  • Herb-rich scent with earthy base notes.
  • Cold-pressed & Freshly-made on order.
  • 100gm lasts upto 6 months.

Directions: Before a shower, for a spa experience, use it as a hair-mask. Massage into the roots and hair, put on a shower cap and wrap your head with towel. Keep head warm and leave-in for about 40-50 minutes. This will help nutrients penetrate deeper into the scalp. After shower, apply on lightly moisten hair for super conditioning and managing frizz.


My Experience:

It has been 13 years since I switched to natural skincare. I am done experiencing enough with the worstest fakes, mediocres, good, better & the best ones of Natural skincare in the Indian market. Right now, I have reached a point where I can judge and review a product with upto 95% accuracy.

Satliva is a unique natural brand whose entire range is formulated with Hemp as the main ingredient. It is one of the very few brands that checked all the right boxes in the recent times in terms of quality, efficiency, ingredients, eco consciousness & ethics. They claim that their entire range is 100% synthetic/chemical free and it seems believable. Hence, Satliva is definitely a worthy find.


Read on to know my take on Argan rosemary hair cream with pure hemp seed oil.

Packaging: The cream comes in a thick steel tub container which is sturdy and easy to use.


Texture: It is a not so thick, oil based, less dense & delicate cream that is non sticky and desirable to use.

Color & Fragrance: Both are from ingredients. This Ivory cream has a rich herbal scent that is a medium note. It is pleasant, refreshing, healing & therapeutic.


Ingredients Analysis: The three title ingredients namely Hemp, Argan & Rosemary alone can be good enough reason to choose this hair cream, according to me, because these three are wonder herbs when it comes to hair care. The basic ingredient of Satliva’s entire range namely, Hemp Seed oil contains many fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, 21 amino acids including 9 essential amino acids and other nutrients that are beneficial and essential to the wellness of the body, especially for skin, hair and scalp. Argan Oil, often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ has been the secret to great hair for many generations. Argan oil helps mend split ends and tame frizzy hair. It is non-greasy, prevents damage from heat and keeps hair shiny. Rosemary essential oil soothe scalp irritations. It also has jojoba oil that provide extra nourishment.  Beeswax is the base. It is free from preservatives and has a shelf life of 6 months. It has no added colors & fragrances.


Efficiency: As per directions, this product has a dual purpose & can be used as a hair mask & hair cream. As a cream, I take a pea size amount and apply it sparsely on damp hair post shower, everyday. Though oil & wax based, it is non sticky & feels light and comfortable on hair. It does the job of following 4 products:

  1. Conditioner – it makes hair supple, keeps it hydrated, frizz free & tamed.
  2. Serum – it nourishes, makes hair soft, imparts a lovely lustre & shine.
  3. Treatment – strengthens hair, reduces dandruff, hairfall & works on fixing damages.
  4. Styling cream – makes hair manageable by facilitating easy combing & basic everyday styling.

Natural products take time to show results as they work steadily & progressively to fix the root cause rather than symptoms, unlike chemicals/synthetics that instantly penetrate and give overnight results that don’t last long along with harsh side effects. In this one plus month of usage, this has reduced scalp itching & made scalp supple, hence seems promising on the claims mentioned in point 3.

As a mask, I use it weekly twice. I apply this generously on scalp and massage for a good 5-10 minutes followed by wrapping it with a hot towel and leave on for 10 minutes before taking a shower. This further accelerates the treatment process & enhances the above mentioned qualities(1, 2, 3).

The 40 grams will last for 2 months. There is another variant for oily hair type. This cream should work well with any good natural cleanser but for best results, it is recommended to be used with the Satliva shampoo bar which has a similar ingredient list to combat the the issue more effectively. Read the full review of Satliva shampoo bar here.



  • 100% synthetic/chemical free
  • Therapeutic fragrance
  • value for money
  • Tames frizz
  • strengthens hair, reduces dandruff & hairfall.
  • keeps scalp supple & hair soft, shiny
  • ecofriendly packaging


  • none

My Verdict: Satliva shampoo bar & hair cream are the only two things I will need for my external haircare. I did not require a hairoil, other masks or serums pre or post this routine and my hair feels healthy & behaves full of life!

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Note: Product was sent for review and I have recorded my honest observations post usage.

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2 thoughts on “Satliva – Argan Rosemary Hair cream Review

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  1. What a lovely review! This makes me feel like buying some products from Satliva. The problem with me is I tend to use an excess amount of the product so I’m trying to work on it. However when you say using it for twice a week makes me re-think


    1. Thank you so much. As a cream it should be used daily, which is critical. Daily use only can work as treatment. Sparse application will do the job and will be light & comfortable too. If u apply excess, it will weigh down hair. As a mask, We can use it twice a week for extra pampering.

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