Fuschia brightening face gel berry blend – Review

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Ingredients list: Aqua, Aloe Vera, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Blueberry Oil, Raspberry Oil, Vitamin E

Description: Fusion Of Blueberries & Raspberries Is Rich In Anti-Oxidants That Slow Down The Damaging Effect Of Free Radicals On Your Skin. This Formula Imparts Glowing Complexion And A Firmer Tone To Make Your Skin More Youthful.

Directions: Use these masks once or twice a week. Apply a layer of this mask even over your skin and relax for 15-20 minutes. Once dry, rinse with plain or cold water.



VKARE BIO SCIENCES Pvt. Ltd. covers the area of Healthcare and Biotechnology. Fuschia Skincare is a sub brand of the same. I recently got to try their brightening gel in berry blend. Though this is my first product from the brand, Fuschia Vkare is one I often spot in Monthly subscription boxes & hence was quite familiar. It is positioned as a natural handmade brand with a range of products for all skin types & issues. Following is my take their BRIGHTENING FACE GEL – berry blend, sent to me for review as a part of the Wowbox by Pikreview official, an online review platform.

Packaging: It comes in a classy paperboard carton with all the required details mentioned. The product comes in a plastic square jar with a screw cap that is sturdy, cute & easy to use.


CBE20E3F-C8E9-450C-889E-1E5E043F1539Texture: It is a smooth non sticky gel with optimum density that is neither too thick nor watery.

Color: When I checked for history of this product, initially this product came in pink, then it came in berry/brownish red color and now the one I received comes in bright fancy blue. Appreciate that the formulator has tried to thoughtfully match it with one of the key ingredients which is the blueberry oil but the color obviously isn’t derived from the same(oil is colourless) & the source of it isn’t mentioned.

Fragrance: It has a strong fruity perfume fragrance. I’m not a fan of this one as it is a little overpowering but doesn’t stay long and hence I wasn’t much bothered. With the end fragrance, my assumption is, it is partly from ingredients and added fragrance. Since the source has not been mentioned in the ingredients list, no clarity on the same.

Ingredients Analysis: For a product positioned natural, ingredients list is where the stength is. The formulation has appropriate brightening & nourishing fruit oils seabuckthorn, blueberry and raspberry(check list above) that are rich in antioxidants along with Vitamin E which is highly beneficial to the skin. Aloevera should be the base is my assumption. This has a shelf life of 2 years & preservative has not been mentioned which is of higher concern. Though the brand claims to be free of phthalates, it is evident that the color and fragrance are added ones but if they are natural or artificial colors aren’t mentioned and hence is another major concern.  The concern is because, the brand claims to be free of harsh chemicals but which ingredient is harsh and which is not can be analysed only if disclosed and hence is debatable.

Efficiency: As instructed, I apply a thin layer on cleansed skin. It is easy to blend, spreads well and stays put. This 100gm should last for 3 months atleast when used twice a week. It is cooling & soothing on application. I leave it for 20 minutes & wash off with cold water post which the skin feels refreshed. Also, it is more on the drying side and hence not sure if it will suit all skin types. Following up with a good moisturiser is a must.

As claimed, it imparts an instant brightening  effect with a subtle glow but it was a superficial one that lasted only for a day or so. However, when I used it twice a week consistently for a month, it did a decent job on the brightening part working on the tan but did nothing to pigmentation, blemishes, scars, etc.

On the firming claim, it seems to have potential as it does a good job in tightening the skin a little. However, I’m  not sure if a mask alone that is applied twice a week will help. It may work along with a full fledged anti aging regimen.



  • sulphate, Paraben & phthalate free
  • handmade
  • cruelty free
  • Imparts instant glow


  • has added color & fragrance (source not mentioned too)
  • preservative not mentioned
  • superficial results
  • expensive

My Verdict: For this pricing point in the natural category, it doesn’t live upto expectations, in addition to major concerns in the ingredients list. Hence sceptical!

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