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Regular pads have 90% plastic! They block airflow to the vagina, allow chemicals to enter the bloodstream and increase chances of cervical cancer, UTIs, yeast infections, rashes, allergies and skin sensitivity.


Heyday is a range of sanitary pads that claims to change the narrative with its completely natural biodegradable sanitary napkins made from the antibacterial, absorbent and super soft plant based fibres of corn and bamboo, at an affordable cost!

They have two variants the maxi fluff and ultra thin XL, both come with wings. I tried their ultra thin XL variant. Read on to know my experience…


Packaging: It comes in a paperboard outer carton. I liked the way the brand revolves around  the theme of making the experience happier, easier and healthier & have color coded accordingly with vibrant fancy pink & blue shades to enhance the feel good vibes😀. The pads are kept inside compactly wrapped in a napkin covers.

Ingredients Analysis: These napkins are claimed to be 100% biodegradable because the sanitary pad is made of bamboo n corn fibre & napkin cover is made of a plant based material. However, the specifics of the latter has not been mentioned.



Efficiency: The vaginal skin is extremely sensitive and permeable. This being my first natural pad, I felt a drastic difference in terms of  breathability, softness & comfort. It was so thin, light, relieving & relaxing that I was able to relate the moment of swap to a release from a life term imprisonment 😇 . I could literally feel my vagina thanking me. The difference made me realise how I had been suffocating it to the core all these years with the horrible(yes it was, feel the difference to relate) non skin friendly & non ecofriendly toxic laden plastic pads. Trust me, even during high temperatures in Chennai, it was the same inspite of sweating and humidity.

My cycle lasts for 5-7 days wit heavy flow for first three days & spotting on the remaining days. This sanitary pad has a good absorption capacity as claimed. It was able to withstand my heavy flow and the waterproof backing did a neat job holding it without stain for 3-4 hours. The sticker holds it in place. There is no feeling of wetness that I expected. Please note that, it can’t hold a heavy flow for more than that interval. Howeber we are aware that it is important to change a pad every 4 hours irrespective of the same. Hence this was reasonable!

The back area is lengthier and wider enough and stays intact preventing stain but the front coverage in terms of both length & breadth didn’t suffice. It won’t be a problem if you have a passive lifestyle throughout the day with minimal movement but it will definitely stain if you have to be active or even briskly walk more than thrice. Hence, I could not use it in my working hours during the day. This is a major con. I request the brand to kindly consider this feedback and introduce different sizes or atleast increase the size of the front portion(length & breadthwise).

The disposal is easier with the napkin cover but I also add a newspaper to it to avoid the smell and inconvenience to the garbage collector and dispose along with wet waste. It claims to be 100% biodegradable in 6 months.




  • Light & comfortable
  • Avoids airblock to vagina
  • biodegradable
  • toxic free
  • healthy & safe
  • reasonable absorption capacity


  • front portion coverage didn’t suffice.

My Verdict:  This is an affordable Saviour for beginners who have realised its hightime & wish to switch to healthier & ecofriendly menstrual practices.

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