Chennai Soap Company Lavender cold processed soap – Review


*tried on dry skin



I am more of a soap person & an ardent lover of handmade soaps to be specific(not the commercial synthetic/chemical laden ones). The only times I use a shower gel is when I travel.

I recently came across a lovely brand CHENNAI SOAP COMPANY that exclusively makes handmade cold processed soaps. When I started interacting with the maker, Sharmeen, her passion for soap making was crystal clear. She calls it her best stress buster😃. It’s a blessing when someone’s profession is their passion. It is a win-win for the maker who indulges in her craft with love & the consumer as the outcome will be desirable💗.

Following is my take on their handmade Lavender cold processed soap…


Packaging: It comes in a cloth bag with a classy black tag that has all details of the soap tied with a golden thread. Inside is the soap covered in a gift wrap (instead of a plastic cover that I expected). Brownie points to this luxurious ecofriendly packaging.

Texture: It has soft, creamy and waxy, ready to melt yummy texture. The kind I thoroughly enjoy using.

Color & Fragrance: It is pale purple in color with subtle brownish hues. It has a relaxing lavender fragrance along with pleasant undertones of oils & butters. I love bathing in lavender soaps, they are literally calming & soothing to mind & body.

Ingredients analysis: Chennai soap company claims to use ingredients that are either organically sourced or from wild harvest. It seems believable. The ingredients comprise of nourishing oils with the key ingredient being the lavender essential oil along with ground lavender that gives the soap it’s color I guess. It also has Shea butter to ensure moisturisation. The soap is free of any added synthetic chemicals, color or fragrance👌



Efficiency: This cold processed soap is as raw as it can be & resembles a lovely piece of homemade cake 😋. I use it on wet skin directly. It doesn’t lather like a commercial chemical laden soap. I enjoy the subtle milky foam it generates that is soothing & nourishing. The grains give a very mild everyday exfoliation. There are lavender buds on top adding extra exfoliation & enhancing the look & feel.  This 100g soap , when used everyday as a body cleanser, will last for 15-20 days approx(depending on the water). This is the case with most handmade cold processed soaps who don’t compromise on the quality. So, am ok with this part.

As I have dry body skin, I was initially sceptical about the key ingredient namely Lavender(they are generally advised for oily skin I guess) as to if they will dry out my already parched skin but as the soaps have been made with nourishing oils, it wasn’t drying at all. Infact I skipped my moisturiser to check the after effects and observed that it balanced the sebum without drying & maintained the suppleness for hours. This seems to be a balanced formula with oils, butters & raw extracts to suit all skintypes. However, if U are one with very dry skin & expect extra moisturisation from Ur soap, U can choose the variant accordingly. Planning to get my hands on their rose soaps😍

It also helped in keeping the skin clear from any bacne & itching(I usually get this in summers) and helps in keeping body odour at bay(this doesn’t mean U can skip Ur deo).



synthetic free
organic, wild harvested ingredients
nourishing, balancing, soothing
ecofriendly packaging
Handmade & cold processed
cruelty free



My Verdict: I have used many high end soaps & there are very few soaps in the market with this quality. Chennai Soap Company’s creations have a balanced moisturising formula and are worth it!

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