Stately Essentials Cream Nut Soap – Review


*tried on dry skin




Am always a soap person which I have made evident in my previous reviews. This is a cold processed soap that I received as a part of wowbox from Pikreview Official. Stately Essentials is a new brand whose pricing range is quite ecocnomical in the natural category. My take on their cold processed cream nut bath bar below…

Packaging: It comes in a brown paperboard carton with all the basic details on it. The packaging design looks classy and makes a statement

Texture: It has a soft, creamy & ready to melt texture like a cold processed soap.

Color: It is creamy in color that reminds me of a rasamalaišŸ˜‹

Fragrance: I somehow felt that it smells similar to some variant of lux creme soap. Itā€™s been long since I smelled Lux & my childhood memories were back with thisšŸ˜œ


Ingredients Analysis: It has a list of many lovely nourishing oils, moisturising butters & soothing kaolin clay. The ingredients of concern here is the added perfume & colour which I always try to stay away from, because color from ingredients or naturally occuring mineral, mica & fragrance from essential oils are safer when it comes to handmade soaps that claim to be all natural.

Efficiency: I use the soap directly on my wet skin. It creates a creamy lather quite decently. This soap is nourishing and soothing, no doubt. It also doesnā€™t dry out the skin & softens it. This 100g when used everyday as body cleanser will last for 15 days approx(depending on the water used). It is neither drying nor very moisturing & hence should work for all skin types. Cold processed soaps can have a TFM of upto 90% I guess and this one has a TFM of 76% which is very reasonable.



  • cruelty free
  • free of sulphates & parabens
  • cold processed
  • non drying


  • added color
  • added perfume

My Verdict: An economically pricedĀ cold processed soap in the market, that is non drying & nourishing.

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