The Bath Barrel Lavender & Grape Soap – Review



Ingredients List: 

Lavender soap – lavender oil soap, black toasted sesame oil, pure coconut oil, sodium lactate, kaolin clay, titanium dioxide, skin safe color, skin safe fragrance, aqua, sodium hydroxide, glycerin based preservative

Grape Soap – coconut oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, glycerin, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, skin safe color, skin safe fragrance, cosmetic glitter, glycerin based preservative



The Bath Barrel is brand based in Indore. It is positioned as a natural brand that is free of harsh chemicals. Following is my take on their Lavender & Grape soap…

Packaging: It comes in a plastic wrap with the label.

Texture: It has a soft texture like all handmade soaps. These are denser and the build up is little more stronger.

Color: The lavender soap is multicoloured whereas the grape soap is purple coloured and in the shape of grapes itself. Both look attractive.

Fragrance: The fragrance of lavender soap is strong and of floral tones whereas the one of grapes is not overpowering & is refreshing.


Ingredients analysis: The ingredients list has some lovely ingredients, clays & oils that are nourishing & soothing to the skin(check list above). It also has added colors & fragrances which are mentioned as safe, but that is debatable. One ingredient of major concern is the cosmetic glitter, which could have been avoided. Though the look and presentation of the soap is important, am not sure if this is necessary in a soap that is positioned as ‘natural & safe’. The preservative is mentioned as glycerin based and again name isn’t mentioned, hence of concern.


I use it directly on wet skin. They lather well and cleanses even the oils applied. I have a dry body skin and found them soothing. They didn’t dry out the skin like commercial soaps that rip off moisture. They are not very moisturising also, hence strike a balance & should work for all skin types for the same reason. The lavender bar will last for 15-20 days(depending on ur water) & grape soap for a week as it is a smaller one. Lavender is more on the nourishing & conditioning side while grape variant is on refreshing side. It helps in dealing with body odour to an extent. Both the soaps performed well their basics, which is expected of them.



  • Looks attractive
  • soothing & not drying
  • will work for all skin types


  • Added color & fragrance
  • Added Cosmetic glitter

My Verdict: I liked the performance of both the soaps, no doubt but the ingredients of concern are bothering.

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