BellaCare Facewash & Soap – Review










I received this in the Wowbox sent by Pikreview official. BellaCare is based in Chandigarh & positioned as a herbal brand. They claim that their products are an ayurvedic proprietary preparation. My take on their Facewash & Soap as follows:



  • The Facewash comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a flip cap. It is easy to use and there is control over the amount of product dispensed.
  • The soap comes in a paperboard carton.
  • The color theme is white and green matching the herbal positioning of the brand. It has all basic details on it.

Color & Texture:

  • The Facewash is transparent & runny
  • The soap is pale green & transluscent


  • The Facewash has a subtle pleasant herbal fragrance.
  • The soap smells almost like the hamam & medimix soaps which I have used in my childhood days. (FYI they were also claimed to be Ayurvedic soaps).


Ingredients Analysis:

In both the products only key/active ingredients are mentioned. If the soaps are cold processed, hot processed or melt & pour are also not mentioned. Also, it is mentioned that there is added perfume, color & preservatives, the names of which aren’t disclosed which is of very high concern. The foaming agents aren’t mentioned too. They have mentioned that it is free of harsh chemicals(not 100% chemical free) but the problem is which chemical is harsh & which is not is a debatable one. So without disclosing the name of ingredients we cannot decide if it is safe to use the product.



  • FACEWASH : It is a gentle Facewash that cleanses well and removes oil without drying skin. It generates a subtle foam unlike a detergent like lather. It does make skin fresh, soft & gives an instant brightening post wash that lasts for sometime. It did not do much to clear pimples or blemishes. Moderate amount is required per use & this 100ml will last for a little more than a month. Overall, this is a regular gentle Facewash that doesn’t rip the skin’s moisture.
  • SOAP: Though it is mentioned ideal for all skin types, it is a little on the drying side for me.  However,  This may be because mine is very dry skin. So may work better for oily skin.  So, no issues. It lathers a little less than the commercial soaps. Felt better about this part. However I cudnt feel any uniqueness with the soap in terms of efficiency. It worked like any regular soap. The 75g bar will last for close to a month as it is not a melting formula.

To sum up this is a gentle facewash & Soap that does fulfill the basics but when a product is positioned as herbal/ayurvedic, it is mentioned to assure the absence of toxic chemicals & side effects. In that aspect, the full ingredients list, which is of top priority to decide if it is safe or not, is missing here, hence am sceptical.


  • affordable
  • gentle
  • cleanses well


  • full ingredients list missing

My Verdict: This is a very affordable brand and in that aspect, the products are reasonably good.

Buy this product  Here

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