Product Review- Dipsters by Snackible



Ingredients List: 

Waffle Chips: Refined Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Salt, Permitted Emulsifier, Leavening Agent, aded Nature Identical & Artificial Vanilla Flavour.

Chololate Dip: Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oil, Cocoa Solids, Anitoxidant & Added Nature Identical and Artificial Flavor.

Description: Crispy waffle chips & chocolatey dip

Directions: Store in a cool & dry place. Avoid storing in direct sunlight. Consume immediately after opening.



When U have switched to organic & Natural food, one thing where U get stuck is snacking as healthy snacking options are lesser compared to commercial ones. A lot of brands have realised this gap and come up with a variety of healthy snack offerings. Snackible is one such brand that claims to be a company bidding to revolutionise the snacking industry by delivering unique, healthy, and tasty snacks, anywhere in India. Read on to know my take on their Dipsters. The variant I tried is chocolate dip & wafer chips.

Packaging: It comes in a classy color coded outer sliding carton with a thin plastic sealed pack inside. There are two compartments, one for wafers & the other for the dip. The dip is double sealed and it can be taken seperately from the tray. I find the packaging ideal, easy to carry around anywhere and eat fuss free, ensuring hygiene. The wafers reached me crisp, which means the packaging is air tight & intact.


Ingredients Analysis: Cocoa solids, palm oil, vegetable oil, etc are rich in vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids & many more. The ingredients of concern here are emulsifier(E471) and nature identical/artificial vanilla flavour which are artificially synthesised & though approved for use in food products, have side effects. The refined flour used is devoid of delivering any health benefits as the nutrients, fibers, vitamins are lost during the refining process.

Texture: The wafers are crisp and the dip has a paste like consistency.

Color: Wafer is cream coloured & dip being chocolate is dark brown

Aroma: The wafer smells like a regular biscuit and the dip ofcourse similar to nutella


Flavour: I have tasted many homemade chocolates and hence was able to feel the artificiality in flavour. They have mentioned the same in ingredients list too. However, keeping that part aside, the wafer dipped in the chocolate tastes good like any other commercial dips/chocolates out there in the market. Reasonable quantity is provided for the cost.



  • ideal packaging design to serve the purpose
  • affordable
  • value for money


  • artifical flavour
  • few other ingredient of concern present

My Verdict: If U are looking for a snacking option that is healthier than the commercial ones, this is definitely one but if U are looking for a completely safe & healthy snacking option, this may not be an ideal choice!

Buy this product from Here

Buy this product from Here

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