Product Review- Conscious Food Wholesome bites



*selected products are certified


Ingredients List: 

Seedmix spicy- seeds of sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, cucumber, watercress, watermelon, charoli, rocksalt, red chilli powder.

Puffed fox nut- 100% makhana

Banana wafer- banana, black pepper powder & sea salt

Description: These power snacks have been made for you to enjoy guilt free munchies. You don’t have to resort to junk foods. As you will discover, each of our snacks not just naturally nutritious but a delight to the taste buds. 

Directions: A Healthy alternative, practical to carry anywhere as travel/emergency food.


When I decided to switch to organic food, my first swaps were ofcourse sugar(jaggery), rock salt, oils & spices because these are the basic essentials that are used everyday and has a major impact on our health. Along with these I also made another swap, that is which is the snacks. I’m someone who can’t do away with snacks. I tried replacing it with raw cut fruits, vegetables & smoothies but I frankly couldn’t satisfy my taste buds with the same & had to figure out healthy snacking options without having to compromise on the taste & crunch. Conscious food is one of India’s most trusted Organic & Natural food brand since 1990.  They have a wide range of healthy snack aka wholesome bites😋 Read on to know my take on three of my choices…

Packaging: Their products have both glass & plastic packaging. Their snack range comes in a thick plastic cover with zip lock(except puffed fox nut as it should be consumed once opened if am not wrong). I understand the part that it should be easy to carry around, lightweight, ect but just wish that, for an organic food brand, thin paper board or brown cover would have been an ideal choice.

Ingredients Of Concern: Conscious Food uses only whole & unrefined ingredients, organic wherever possible. Hence there are no ingredients of concern here.


Health Benefits:

Seedmix spicy- All seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, watercress, sesame, watermelon, charoli & cucumber contain many health nutrients. Even a spoonful of this provides vitamins, minerals & fats, all of which promote good health.

Puffed fox nut- Makhana is highly nutritious non cereal food. It is also known to be widely used in traditional oriental medicine in the treatment of variety of diseases including kidney problems, chronic diarrhoea, arthritis & rheumatic pains.

Banana wafer- Though it is better off to eat fresh bananas, these wafers do supply essential vitamins & minerals.



Seedmix spicy- multicolour combo of yellow, brown, green seeds

Puffed fox nut- pure white in color

Banana wafer- This is cream with green border(typical banana wafer)



Seedmix spicy- slightly crunchy texture(not the regular crackling types).

Puffed fox nut- It is soft when bitten. Not crunchy like the regular popcorn.

Banana wafer- subtle crunchy texture like tat of regular chips


Seedmix spicy- Subtly spicy which is that of the roasted seeds and red chilli

Puffed fox nut- smells likes fresh popcorn

Banana wafer- smells dominantly of pepper



Seedmix spicy- The red chilli spicing is sparsely done to keep it as light as possible. The seeds are roasted at the optimum possible level to retain its original flavour. I liked it.

Puffed fox nut- This is kept in its raw form without any added spices or seasoning. I personally liked it this way but one can always add some chilli, pepper or masala to it and enjoy. Either way, it tasted good.

Banana wafer- In general, I like banana be it Baji or side dishes. These wafers have been seasoned with black pepper powder & salt in the right proportions and  is my favorite of the lot🤩

To sum up, all three had subtle flavours that were balanced. Taste is the very reason for snacking and Conscious Food’s wholesome bites definitely did justice to this part.


  • healthy snacking alternatives
  • tastes good
  • many variants available
  • no ingredients of concern
  • easy to carry & store


  • availability

My Verdict : I don ever have to go back to unhealthy snacking and my taste buds are happy with this Swap. Kudos to Conscious India’s wholesome bites  ✌️✌️✌️ 

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