Product Review : Nyassa Air Perfume



Ingredients list: Fragrance, DM water, polysorbate 20, methylisothiazolinone & Phenoxyethanol.

Description: Features a deep forest flower fragrance
Contains a burst of intoxicating wild flowers
This room spray instantaneously eliminates bad odours
This fragrance truly captures the essence of the rain forest in a bottle
Refreshing fragrance that does not fade away

Directions: Just use 3-4- sprays in a room. This spray will last longer in a closed room. Spray 6-7 times for larger rooms.



Anything related to aromatherapy interests me these days😃. Im keen on choosing the right deos, air perfumes, incenses, sambranis, camphors, body mists & anything related to fragrances for that matter.
Following is my take on Nyassa Air perfume…

Pacakaging: It comes in a metal(aluminium or stainless steel not sure though) sturdy bottle with a spray cap. The spray dispenser works perfect. The outer carton is made of paper board. Happy with the ecofriendly packaging.

Fragrance: It has a strong floral fragrance which is refreshing. I like strong floral aroma in general and hence found it pleasant.

Ingredients Analysis: DM water, polysorbate are fine. It has methylisothiozolinone which is of higher concern & phenoxyethanol, which is of moderate concern(as the one used here is derived from green tea & used as a preservative). This is a water based air freshener but still instead of ‘alcohol free’ mention, which seems contradicting, it could have been mentioned as ‘water based’ product which would have been appropriate. Also, it has added fragrance for which source is not mentioned, hence sceptical about the same.

Efficiency: For a 10X10 room, spraying twice will suffice if U wish to keep it subtle. If U r someone who enjoys strong fragrance, U can spray more as per your desire. However, Nyassa offers different variants with different fragrance scales(low, medium, strong) to choose from as per ur preference. The fragrance lasts for 2+ hours or so in a closed airconditioned room which is a decent lasting time. This will work great as a car freshener too.

🍂ecofriendly packaging
🍂good efficiency
🍂decent lasting power
🍂strong n pleasant fragrance

🍂ingredients of higher & moderate safety concerns involved
🍂fragrance source not mentioned

MY VERDICT: Efficiency is good but the ingredients are of primary concern when it comes to natural products, hence bothered.

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