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I’m someone who believes in all sorts of scientific, psychological, spiritual & environmental plant theories and can’t stand the absence of plants in my vicinity. After I came to know about the importance of sustainable lifestyle, a few months back, am on the constant look out for eco-friendly alternatives for everything possible, slowly swapping one by one. That is when I came to know about these jute grow bags that instantly excited me as an ideal biodegradable alternative to theplastic grow bags, pots and vases. It’s been almost a month now and I realised that there is more to these bags than just the eco-friendly aspect. I used them for a variety of indoor plants. So my review will be based on the same from a layman point of view. Read on to know more…


Packaging: They were sent, in a neatly wrapped cloth cover with minimal use of tapes, with the products intact. Appreciate this part as it doesn’t make sense when many so called sustainable or organic products are sent bubble wrapped or in plastic covers, which only makes me sceptical of their brand image.

Ingredients Analysis: The bags are handstitched and made of 100% natural and organic fibres. It is 100% biodegradable.

Usage: I found them easy to use compared to their plastic, ceramic or earthen alternatives.

  • All we have to do is unfold and ideally fill with soil/clay at the bottom and cocopeat for the remaining part.
  • It’s water retention and absorption capacity is higher, this helps in water conservation too. It can absorb water upto 4 times it’s own weight. Excess Watering should be avoided as it may tend to come out. Drip watering is ideal.
  • Since jute bags are naturally light weight and the cocopeat which is the major filling is also a light weight one, it is easy to carry and move around.


Durability: They have a shelf life of 18-24 months. However replanting is easy and transplant shocks can be avoided as one bag can be put inside another when plants grow big or when the bag starts de-grading without the need to uproot the plant from the pot. Also, the entire bag with the plant can be put inside the ground . The roots penetrate the walls of the bag.


Efficicency: Prior to this, in the past two years, I had so many plants but all of them in plastic pots cos that is what the nurseries provide us with and I wasn’t aware of the ecofriendly aspect etc. then. In the last two years I tried keeping so many plants and atleast 50% of them did not survive and I now understood some of the reasons for the same. I happened to observe the differences in plants between the two as below.

  • The ones potted in plastic pots, found it difficult to live in case of excess watering as plastic cannot absorb water and the roots tend to get spoiled overtime, inspite of the drain holes at the bottom whereas in jute bags, incase of excess watering, they are absorbed by it and moisture is retained or in case of exceeding limit, it overflows or evaporates off. In all three cases, the plant is never affected.
  • The walls of the bag are porous and permeable which allows for air pruning and aeration of the roots and the plant. This leads to a better root system and foundation. (no root circling like in plastic and earthen pots).
  • Jute fibre has great insulation properties. In winters, it stays and keeps warm and in summers it is vice-versa. Once watered in the morning, throughout the day, the soil retains moisture and in turn plants remain fresh whereas in plastic variant, after few hours of watering the plants seem tired and by evening soil becomes dry.


Customisation: Deeproots also offers customisation of the bags in various sizes and shapes. Different colors, designs, logos and branding is also done using organic vegetables dyes.



Decor: Needless to say, they look good too and are cool for home decor ideas. The jute grow bags are simple yet beautiful decor material. They can definitely add grace to ur place.


Why Jute grow bags are need of the hour?

  • These days tree planting is one of the most happening events across the globe. The very reason for the same is to save the environment but unfortunately most sapling are grown in single use plastic growbags and the damage done out of it questions the very intention of the tree planting phenomenon itself. Incase of jute grow bags, the plant along with the jute bag can be directly planted inside the ground. So it is a zerowaste act. This also increases the survival rate of the plant
  • The need for an Organic terrace gardening is been realised in urban areas now and these jute grow bags are an ideal replacement to the expensive HDPE, LDPE growbags and other alternatives, which are also non biodegradable.
  • Also, the jute grow bags result in zero carbon footprint compared to their plastic and earthen counterparts
  • If we dont stop using plastic now, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than the fishes




  • Cheaper than plastic & earthen pots
  • cheaper than organic gardening bags
  • Retains moisture
  • facilitates air pruning
  • Easy to use
  • 100% biodegradable
  • water conservation


  • costlier than plastic grow bags
  • availabiltity


My Verdict: I’m in love with these jute grow bags as I have witnessed my plants healthier and happier in these compared to the Plastic variants I had earlier💚 Also, with the scary plastic pollution ending up in oceans and landfills, I feel it’s hightime to make this swap!


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