Product Review – Aurora pure luxury incense



Ingredients list: sandalwood paste, bamboo stick, pure essential oils, no chemicals & synthetic ingredients, sambrani, Jasmine, vanilla, ylang ylang.

Description: A selection of aurora’s luxury incense fragrances. Hamper includes 4 boxes of nature element scents, perfect for serious incense users or as a special gift.
Earth: Sambrani
Water: Jasmine Vanilla
Wind: Ylang Ylang with slight hint of Vanilla
Fire: Signature aurōra incense

Our handcrafted incense sticks are traditionally prepared using only the purest, highest quality ingredients provided by nature.




Aromatherapy is sumthing I strongly believe in & practice. To know why choosing fragrances from natural ingredients and essential oils is critical, read my post on ‘Aromatherapy inbuilt in Indian tradition’ . After realising this, even in my personal care products, I give so much importance to the source of the fragrance and try my best to stay away from ones that have artificial fragrance/parfum(eg.phthalates) which can be airborne & on inhalation enter our system through our lungs and gets deposited in the bloodstream.

Incense burning has taken place in India for thousands of years, and India exported the idea to China, Japan and other Asian countries. Even today, India is the world’s main incense producing country. In general incenses are said to relieve anxiety, freshen air & improve sleep quality. It can be made from different ingredients and the benefits depends on the specific ingredients that it is made of. Now, read on to know my take on Aurora luxury incense sticks..

Packaging: It comes in a outer carton made of shiny thin paperboard packaging. The design of the packaging is colourful and harmonious printed with vegetable dye👍. They are color coded according to the variants namely fire- orangish, water – bluish, earth – greenish, wind – purplish. I love such soothing refreshing colors when it comes to luxury products and definitely liked this one too. Inside are the sticks in a thick paper cover that keeps the product n it’s qualities intact. Being a natural product, appreciate the conscious choice over plastic covers for the same.


Aroma: I found all four aromas subtle & soothing. The dominating fragrance of each variant below:

Earth –  Sambrani which is franckincense or benzoin if am not wrong. It has a musky woody fragrance.

Water – Jasmine is the dominant fragrances with a hint of Vanilla. This is more of a pleasant soothing fragrance.

Wind – Ylang Ylang is dominant with a hint of Vanilla. I personally like ylang ylang a lot.  This is more of a warm sweet fragrance.

Fire – This is said to be of Signature aurōra incense which is more a mystical smell.


Ingredients analysis: The fragrance is from pure essential oils. The stick roll is from powdered pastes of plants, flowers & barks. The stick is made of bamboo. So no synthetic or chemicals involved in the process. They are vegan and ingredients are ethically sourced.


Efficiency: It has been sometime now since incenses have become a part of my daily routine. After a tired hectic day at office, I come back home n relax with an incense along with sipping a herbal tea. The aroma from aurora incense s soothing, calming, relaxing & relieving. Unlike most incenses that are overpowering and triggering the moment they are lighted, this one has a subtle fragrance that slowly spreads & influences us in aligning towards the purpose steadily & progressively. I personally prefer this kind. Be it meditation, yoga or prayer this is the ideal type. If U r someone who prefers strong fragrance, U can light more than one at a time. For the purpose of fragrancing the household, U may have to light it and leave it in the area unlike the strongly frangranced ones that may instantly spread fragrance all over. Also, if the room is fairly large U may have to light more than one at a time again.

This incense is designed to be slow burning and hence lasts longer. I observed that One incense burns for more than an hour( though the claim is 45 minutes only) which is laudable. And for the same reason the smoke emitted is not choking or cloudy and is steady, mild & keeps clearing off. Also I loved how they named it with the elements of life namely wind, fire, earth & water and aligned the qualities of each to the sticks with appropriate ingredient choices for specific benefits.

Most importantly these are cruelty free, handmade in India & produced in fair trade manner👌



  • vegan
  • cruelty free
  • handmade in India
  • chemical free
  • synthetics free
  • slow burning
  • subtle, pleasant & relieving
  • ecofriendly packaging


  • No stronger fragrance variants

My Verdict: I found this subtle & soothing, slow burning natural Aurora incense sticks ideal for my pranayama sessions & tea sipping evenings🧡💙💜💚

Buy Aurora luxury incense sticks  HERE

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