Product Review- Trishula edible spoon company

5107F8C8-AC39-450F-A864-032C787AC0D1BRAND CLAIMS:

Ingredients list: Processed from wheat & multigrain like soya, oats, maize, ragi & Chana dal, binding ingredients, natural flavours, salt, water. No preservatives. No added sugar. No concentrates. No artificial flavours.







These days I am always on the look out for options to swap single use disposables and that is when I was impressed with these edible/biodegradable spoons that are a perfect swap for single use disposable plastic spoons . Read on to know my take…

Packagaging: Amongst many brands that sell biodegradable or organic products but send their products in plastic packaging, I couldnt help notice how these spoons got delivered in a paperboard carton and each flavour wrapped up in brown paper covers stuffed with newspaper to avoid breakage with minimal use of salotopes . Special brownie points for the first impression👍

Texture: It is a sturdy thick spoon & serve the purpose.  It is a little hard to chew. But I would never expect this to be any less harder and easy to bite because the basic function of this product is to serve as a good spoon. So being edible and efficient as a spoon, this rigidity is inevitable. The maker has definitely done justice to its dual purpose.

Color & Aroma : The colors vary based on flavours mostly in the shades of brown, cream & greens. It smells decent, very subtle & negligible as to how it is supposed to be.

Taste: It tastes subtle & good. The flavours are interesting and there is one that goes with every dish. Black pepper is my favorite and loved having soups with it.

Ingredient analysis: The base is made of wheat and multigrain which is great but the binding agents and added (natural)flavour are of moderate concern. However there are no artificial flavours, preservatives, added sugar, etc. Frankly, since this is gonna be of occasional use and the plastic spoons have dangerous health hazards(apart 4m biodegradability) , I see this as a better choice.

Efficiency: I ate a full meal, fruits, yogurt, icecream, nuts, etc with these spoons and noticed the following:

  • They are efficient enough to sustain till the last bit
  • The flavour of the spoon enhances the experience.(for ex: eating an icecream with the chocolate spoon added a subtle yet undistirbing flavour, having a soup with the black pepper spoon was even more enjoyable than with steel or plastic spoons).
  • By the end of the meal, the spoon tends to become softer and ideal to bite. So the being hard part is also taken care of.

Today there is hardly a restaurant, party/wedding that doesn’t use single disposable plastic spoons and the waste generated and biodegradibility concern of the same is a threat already just like straws are…

  • Wooden spoons are expensive & can’t be looked at as an affordable alternative.
  • The single use bamboo fibre, sugarcane bagasse cutlery are biodegradable but generate waste again.

So, I feel these edible spoons are a better solution.


  • serves the purpose
  • edible
  • biodegradable
  • flavor variants to suit the dish
  • eco packaging
  • no preservatives, sugar


  • Has binding agents

My Verdict : Trishula spoons have found a permanent place in my kitty and I have started refusing plastic spoons in restaurants & beaches to have my favorite sweet corn, ice creams & what not!

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  1. I am interested in buying some stuff for sale in Australia on regular basis. Please help with the best rates possible


  2. Hi mam this Malika from Pondicherry, I love your products and I want to buy your product please give me dealership to your product or distributor whatever you like please mam reply me


    1. Hello Malika, thanks for the love. I am blogger who also reviews products but I don sell them. Please let me know which product U r interested in so that I connect U wit the respective brand. Thanks😊🌿


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