Product Review- Botanic Love Anti acne & blemish mask


Ingredients list: neem, tulsi, Haldi, lodhra, nimbu, Kapur, green tea, peppermint, rosemary, kaolin clay, bentonite clay, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, Multani mitti, magnesium carbonate, sodium benzoate. 

Description: Botanic Love’s Anti Acne Blemish Mask unclogs pores to release trapped dirt and oil. This soothing natural clay-based mask helps heal blemishes, prevent breakouts while the ayurvedic medicated formula keeps skin oil-free and clean.
Willow bark and anti oxidant properties of green tea prevent further breakouts.

Directions: Apply evenly to clean skin & leave on for 10-12 minutes. Avoid eye area. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water or tissue off residue.




Botanic Love is one of the lovely brands whose USP is simple & effective ingredients, protocols & results. Their clay masks are my personal favorites of their entire range because it checks almost all boxes right. Read on 2 know why…

Packaging: It comes in a glass tub with a steel screw cap. For a natural product, Glass packaging is ideal as it keeps the product from adverse reactions and provides better protection. The label is simple & classy. So, zerowaste ecowarriors , here is one product that U can purchase guilt free.


Texture: The texture is smooth & that of clay(being the base). It spreads well & very little is required per use. Even If used daily, this 130 g should last for atleast 3 months.

Fragrance & Color: If U r one who loves the earthy smell of rain fall in dry soil, then I bet U will keep sniffing this forever(I did). The fragrance is strong, earthy & woody and so damn relaxing. I guess it is from lodhra & Clays, sodium benzoate. I keep sniffing this to freshen up & it feels relieving😇. The color is offwhite, from the clays again and hence no added colors I believe.



Ingredients analysis: This is the best part, this mask doesn’t have any lotion, cream or gel bases that am always sceptical about. Kaolin, bentonite and Multani mitti clays form the base👍. The preservative used is sodium benzoate which is said to be one of the safer choices for natural products. The other key ingredients namely neem, tulsi, Haldi, lodhra, nimbu, Kapur, green tea, peppermint, rosemary, etc are ideal for oily acne prone skin, have immense goodness & are rich in antioxidants.

Efficiency: I have stubborn active acne & was adviced to use this mask everyday. I use it with curd. I take a little and dot around my face like using a moisturiser and then emulsify and spread it with curd. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash off. Tats it. The best part is the protocol of using this. Be it once a week or everyday, It is required to keep the mask on…only for 10 minutes and that Is effective enough. Following up with a moisturiser is required. If it is kept more than 10 minutes, it may dry out the skin as the ingredients are designed to control oil secretion and combat acne. I have been using this for 2 months now & the results are drool worthy. I also use it in the night for spot treatment. It suppresses even the biggest stubborn acne in 3 days.  I have the habit of popping my acne😷😷 in the Sleep when it itches and always wake up to reddish or open wounds😭😭. I immediately rush to apply this on it and it calms down and suppresses it & the marks, old & new are drastically reduced in ten days. Can’t ask for more. This clay mask from Botanic love is a Saviour for acne prone skin types.


  • ecofriendly packaging
  • Safe ingredients💚
  • Evident results
  • Fuss free usage
  • Clears marks
  • certified natural


  • none

My Verdict: If U r following my reviews, U ll be aware that I never rave about a product unless it ticks all the right boxes! This mask is a clear winner. Try it & thank me later😎

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