Product Review – Aroma Essentials Carrot sunblock SPF 30


Brand Claims

Ingredients list: carrot seed oil, base cream made of vegetable waxes & oils, non nano zinc oxide, citric acid, geogard.

Description: protects from harsh UVA, UVB rays, helps to prevent facial brown spots & skin discolorations, slows down the development of  wrinkled, premature aging skin.

Directions: apply small amount (2-4 drops) on face & neck and massage gently. Apply 20 minutes prior to going out in the sun.



My Experience:

Aroma essentials is one of the raved about & trustworthy brands in the natural category.  Their products are known for simplicity, efficiency & safety. My search for an efficient, toxic free mineral sunscreen for oily skin lead to this product…

Packaging: It comes in a white plastic tub with a screw cap. Neatly themed with white & purple label. Some may find tub packaging unhygienic but I personally prefer them and have no complaints at all.

Texture: It is super smooth satin like & creamy. Little amount is required per use. This 25g should last for a month atleast.

Fragrance & Color: It has a herbal fragrance that is on the sweeter side. I guess it is from carrot seed oil (key ingredient). The color is a pale creamy yellow. Both color & fragrance is from ingredients & not added ones.



Ingredients Analysis: Zinc oxide, a naturally ocurring mineral & Carrot seed oil that has a natural spf are the UV filters here. The zinc used is non nano is mentioned, which is great. Citric acid & Geogard(FDA approved) are the preservatives used. So overall super happy with the ingredients.

Efficiency: Since the shelf life of most aroma essential product is only 6 months. They sell in small quantities. This strategy is way better cos it is better for the consumer & the brand. Appreciate the fact that they haven’t compromised by adding harmful preservatives and also the consumer doesn’t have to buy large amount n end up wasting.

A pea size is enough for the face and neck. The cream spreads easily and gives a lovely matte finish. I was afraid of the white cast as am brown toned but it never even left a trace of one. Super happy with this part. It is very light and comfortable to wear. The coverage given is decent and prevented me from tan. However, if U r one who has to face direct sun for a longer time, this may not suffice. I mostly stay indoors with occasional sun exposure during travel, etc and hence this will suffice my needs. I also observed that it perfectly suits my acne prone oily skin. It neither aggrevates nor reduces the acne but calms down the skin. Skin felt nourished and hydrated with this on. So this will definitely suit all skin types.


  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • matte finish
  • suits all skin types
  • value pricing


  • tub packaging
  • availability

My Verdict : A lovely mineral sunscreen that ticks all the right boxes. Go for it without a second thought😀✌🏻

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