Product Review- Dhanyam organic pickles

5F70B4B2-2022-43F5-8E3A-3E443786921DBrand Claims:

Ingredients: 100% organic ingredients- lemon, citron. Garlic, sesame oil, dry chilli, mustard, fenugreek, perungayam & salt

Directions: Refrigerate after opening


My Experience:

I am yet to switch to an organic lifestyle completely. It is only now am swapping one by one identifying the genuine brands at an affordable cost. Cost, authenticity & availability are the major hindrances when it comes to sourcing organic stuff. Pickle is one things I can’t do away with and with the scary chemicals, colors & preservatives used now in the food industry, I felt it’s high time to do the switch. I bought 3 organic pickles namely lemon, citron(nrthanga) & garlic from dhanyam organic superstore in Chennai. They are available online too & deliver panIndia.

Brand analysis: Dhanyam is a multibrand organic store with online & offline presence. However they have their own brand products that are priced lesser than the others in the market. The reason for this is because they claim that their primary motto is to bridge the gap in prices between organic groceries and the conventional ones available in supermarkets & that their approach has been to work towards building a relationship directly with the farmers, cutting out the middlemen and thus offering Organic Foods at almost the same rates as the conventional food available in supermarkets.


Packaging: It  comes in a glass bottle with a metal screw lid. For an organic brand, this would be the ideal choice of packaging.

Texture: The ones I chose are cut pieces variants & the pieces were smaller compared to regular cut veggy pickles.

Colour: Dry chilli being one of the main ingredients, all lemon & citron were of the same colour which is reddy maroon.. the garlic one was brown to darker.

Aroma: The lemon & citron have a hot citrusy spicy aroma whereas the garlic one smelled tangy & spicy.

Flavour: The flavour is that of an ideal pickle, spicy, zesty & tangy, equally balanced

Ingredients analysis: The ingredients are simple & transparent, nothing much to comment.

Value for money: About the cost, dhanyam branded products are claimed to be comparatively cheaper than the organic ones in the market. An average cost of 200g organic pickle in the market is 250 whereas this is 170. So, it is comparatively lesser but there is a long way to go to bridge the gap with the commercial pickles available in supermarket which are priced at approx 100 for the same quantity. I wish in the coming times, better sourcing methods are adopted and the price is lessened further so that organic is no more for the elite.


Efficiency: I experienced one drastic difference with this pickle. In general pickles are supposed to be dominated with the salt & spices. In this pickle,  the flavour was well balanced. None of the ingredients were overpowering and seemed like they were blended in right proportions to bring about the lovely balanced taste. I usually prefer pickles to be very spicy, this was not so but still I liked them better than the spicy ones. Also, usually after eating pickles(I have the habit of eating them alone sometimes😋) I have discomfort in the food pipe but did not experience that too with this one. The only con is that it has to be refrigerated 24*7 and I often forget to keep it out half n hour before food. Otherwise, super happy with this one!


  • eco packaging
  • balanced taste
  • comparatively lesser priced than competitors


  • Availability

My Verdict: In the organic category, it seems fairly priced. Loved the taste!

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