Product Review – The Soapnutt soap flakes

3FBEB0CB-E4C9-406D-8885-5E40667F049EProduct Claims by the brand:

Ingredients:  Mango/Kokum/Shea butter, olive/coconut/almond oil,  clay, essential oils.

Description: Ditch the chemical laden handwash & switch to chemical free soap flakes.


My Experience: 

I had two concerns that lead me to this product:

1. I switched to chemical free skincare few years back.  It is said that it takes just 26 seconds for the chemicals in our skincare products to enter our blooadstream. I was concerned about the handwashes that we use atleast thrice a day. Being an OCD, I use it more often🙈😅. I was constantly looking for chemical free options but either I cudnt  find a good one or they were too expensive.

2. My profession being corporate event management, travel is one thing I can’t avoid. So am always on the look out for travel friendly substitutes in everything.

I came across this product in which I found an effective solution to both the above issues, at an affordable cost.

Read on to know more about the features of the product…

Packaging : If am not wrong, the owner Radha is concerned about the environment too and the products were sent to me in a cloth bag in a cardboard box keeping plastic use minimal… Brownie points👏.  The cloth bag is of gud quality & Im reusing them.

Texture & Color: Texture is like that of usual soaps, cake like. Neither hard nor very soft. The flakes sent to me were from different soaps so they had mixed Colors. The source of colors have not been mentioned anywhere so I’m not sure if they are added or from the ingredients. Each pack had approx 40 flakes. I required less than half a flake per handwash …so 40 flakes should last for 80 washes, which is fair.


Fragrance: I liked the fragrance. It was mild & pleasant, a mix of fruity, nutty & floral…I really Cudnt figure out😛. It is mentioned that they use essential oils for fragrance. So am happy with this part.

Ingredients analysis: The soaps are cold processed ones and ingredients mentioned are various butters, clays, oils & essential oils. They claim to be natural & 100% chemical free & sounds believable. So, 👍


Efficiency : I have transferred it to a small tub and kept in my bathroom & other washbasins. I break & take half flake per use. It lathers mildly like a natural soap should & cleans well. No complaints. It tends to dry out the hands a little and I’m in need of a moisturiser post wash which is the only issue I can say. For traveling, I comfortably take it in my handbag all the time in the same cloth bag it was sent.

Now, Some may feel as to why spend money & buy flakes when it is easily doable at home. Completely agree with that but again, just like ubtans can also be made at home but we still buy them…because we are running out of time to sit n do all these work…It’s ur choice😀


  • 100% chemical free
  • travel friendly
  • Eco packaging


  • Drying hands

My Verdict: I guess the cost of buying a full soap and making flakes at home & buying this readymade as flakes is the same cost. So, I chose to go with it✌🏻

Buy this Here

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