Product Review – Bon handwash paper soap


Product Claims by the brand:

Ingredients:  Certified organic ingredients coated in 100% handmade paper with Bon’s Organic oils soap variants.

Description:  These are handmade paper leaflets coated with our organic soaps that leave you hands clean, soft, and moisturised. These are perfect and handy soaps for every day uses, travels, and hostels. They can slip into your pockets, handbags, and travel kits very easily and do the trick with just one squared paper. These are available in 10 varieties.

Directions: Take one paper leaflet, wet it, and rub your hands with it and lather. The handmade paper will start breaking down and act as a mild scrub. Throw the paper away and wash your hands.


My Experience:

I had two concerns that lead me to this product:

1. I switched to chemical free skincare few years back. It is said that it takes just 26 seconds for the chemicals in our skincare products to enter our blooadstream. I was concerned about the handwashes that we use atleast thrice a day. Being an OCD, I use it more often🙈😅. I was constantly looking for chemical free options but either I cudnt find a good one or they were too expensive.

2. My profession being corporate event management, travel is one thing I can’t avoid. So am always on the look out for travel friendly substitutes in everything.

I came across this product in which I found an effective solution to both the above issues.

Read on to know more about the features of the product…

Packaging: It comes in a transparent plastic pouch. Each pack contains 30 paper leaflets.

Texture & Color: There are 10 variants and the handmade paper is color coded as per the ingredient. I choose the country rose variant and hence mine was rose coloured. It is an opaque square leaflet coated with the soap. I require only half per wash & hence this 30 leaflets can be used for 60 washes.


Fragrance: The fragrance is according to the variant chosen, mine smells of rose. It is very mild & pleasant.

Ingredients analysis: Only the basics are mentioned. However, as this brand is certified USDA organic which means it should be minimum 95% organic, we need not worry much about this part.


Efficiency: I tear it into half per wash and use. I wet it first and rub between hands. It lathers decently and cleans well. Leaves the hands dry post washing and I cant do without following up with a moisturiser. I was worried about such bright color and expected the pink pigment in the paper to come off during wash but it didn’t which is relieving. I find it very travel friendly as being paper, it is very light and the small pack makes it super comfortable to put in bags & pockets.


  • certified organic
  • Lightweight & travel friendly


  • Drying hands

My Verdict : It is effective & does what it claims. It has a permanent place in my kitty until I find a better one with all these qualities in addition to not drying out the hands. 

Buy this  Here

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