Product Review-Assamica Agro Organic Assam masala chai

CEC58136-CB55-4DFE-98D4-E53860D80ECDProduct claims by the brand:

Ingredients:  This tea is a blend of TGFOP (orthodox Assam leaf tea) with BOPSM grade (CTC) tea and organic spices that includes ginger, cardamom, bay leaf and clove.

Description: This classic full-bodied tea is perfect for Indian hot weather. Masala chai provides the individual health benefits of each spice including anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects. 

Directions: Bring one cup of water to a boil. Reduce the heat, add 2.5 grams of the tea to the water. Simmer for 1.5 to 2 minutes. Add milk and slowly bring just to simmer. Add sugar or jaggery to sweeten.

A19C77F2-46B8-4F54-A87F-E77ABC855407My Experience:

My exploration for herbal teas started with my alignment to the sweet rose tea from organic India. I wanted to taste other floral teas to decide which I liked the best but wasn’t ready to buy the full sizes & end up wasting the ones I disliked. That is when I happened to come across Assamica Agro, a certified organic brand. They were selling their teas in 15g samples which was helpful for people like me who are new to herbal teas to try n decide on our likes & dislikes. I purchased a lot of their variants and am almost done deciding my favourites, one of which is the masala chai🧡. My detailed review follows:

Packaging: It comes in a plastic ziplock cover. The label is simple with usage directions & other basic details in it.




Texture: It consists of dried tea leaves, bay leaves, cardamom, ginger & clove. As simple, tender & fresh as it can be.

Colour: The color of the steeped water is dark brown. It becomes lighter for the next two steeps. The same applies with or without milk.

Aroma: It has a rich spicy & strong aroma. Inspite of being a lover of floral, earthy & woody fragrance, I loved this herbal spicy, refreshing aroma, the one U get when U start cooking a veg pulao or biriyani(without the green chilli ofcourse..😝).

Flavour: The flavour is zesty, tangy, spicy & awakening. It is ideal for mornings, noons & early evenings.



Efficiency: As per the usage directions it tastes better with milk but I steeped it with water like other floral/herbal teas and consumed as such adding just honey without milk. The first steeping is very concentrated as always so be careful not to steep for more than 4 minutes. Two more steeps can go upto 10 minutes to match the first concentrate. The ingredients of the tea namely bay leaves, cardomom & cloves have health benefits such as anti inflammatory & pain relieving properties. This one is awakening & calming at the same time. I truly loved the aroma & experience of indulging in it. Happy that there is no added artificial flavor, color or fragrance. When it comes to organic products, be it food, beverages or skincare, I am keen & appreciate the absence of these three.

I never knew I will like such strong herbal teas. My journey from Instant coffee to filter  Coffee to floral teas to masala teas…omg.,,looks like I have come a long way!!!.


  • certified organic
  • healthy ingredients
  • Rich flavor & aroma
  • refreshing & awakening


  • none

My Verdict: This has become my go to evening drink when I’m in need of a spicy aromatic flavor to awaken my senses after a long day’s work!

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