Product Review – Yami Herbals Skin brightening face pack

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Product claims by the brand:

Ingredients list: badam, pista, whole green gram, cinnamon, orange peel, avarampoo, cucumber seeds, samba wheat, oats, potato starch, fenugreek, vetiver, Multani mitti, pudina leaves. 

Directions : Mix the pack with milk or curd and make a thin paste, apply and scrub the paste all over the face and neck. Wait for 10 minutes and wash it off with warm water and massage with ice cube. 


My Experience:

Yami herbals is a simple, trustworthy & traditional home made brand that claims to be 100% natural & chemical free. It is one of the affordable brands in this segment. I was initially sceptical about this brand’s authenticity but after doing my usual homework, found it promising & happened to try their facepack & Scrub. Read on to know my take on their Skin brightening pack….


Packaging: It was sent to me in a cylindrical container made of paper board. The label design was trendy, color coded with white & black. The product was inside it in a plastic tub with a screw cap & spoon which is comfortable to use. No complaints. This had an orange themed label with the key details. I liked the outer black & white carton, but not a fan of the inner tub & label design.

Texture & Colour : It is a finely powdered light brownish green ubtan. Easy to mix and apply with milk or curd as directed. It spreads well & very little quantity is required per usage. This is safe for daily use & the 100g should last for atleast 2 months when used everyday for face&neck.


Fragrance: It has a rich herbal fragrance. It is a strong fragrance and I could relate it to the One in traditional Ayurvedic centres in Kerala & Courtallam(South India).

Ingredients Analysis: The ingredients list is promising. Most of them like almond, pista, orange peel powder, potato starch contribute to brightening properties. It also has vetiver, Multani  mitti, pudina so that the ingredients are balanced to suit all skin types. It has no added colours, fragrance or preservatives. The biggest doubt I had looking at the ingredients is how can such rich ingredients be afforded for such an economic price. This s where my marketing mind came into play and when she said she prepares 7 kg per month & sells, I understood that the strategy is low margin, more no. Of sales & hence higher profit. Fair enough.

Efficiency: The exposed parts of my hands & feet are extensively tanned and I wished to test this product on them. It is mentioned as a brightening pack, so it should ideally remove tan. I have dry body skin & used it with raw milk. It is a fine powder and spreads easily with both brush & hands. Before bedtime, I scrub my hands with Yami herbals skin polishing scrub followed by this pack & keep it for 10 minutes & wash off. (If U keep it for a longer time it dries of & stubbornly sticks to the skin. U will find it difficult to wash off). Since Im trying this brand for the first time, inorder to test the efficiency of this product, I applied it only on one hand for 15 days and observed the progress. I was able to notice visible difference from the 3rd application itself. It effectively reduced the tan. At the end of 10 days, there was significant difference between my 2 hands in terms of

  • Drastic tan removal.
  • It also diminished the intensity of my scars👏
  • started working on the hyperpigmentation around my elbows.
  • Gave a subtle glow, even texture & hydration.
  • Skin felt way healthier & rejuvenated

At the end of 20 days, I was convinced with the efficiency of the product.👍


  • 100% natural
  • chemical free
  • Tan removal
  • economic


  • availability
  • packaging standards can be improved

My Verdict: This is a star product & not to be underestimated for its simplicity. It is way better than the overhyped & overpriced facepacks in the market💪

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