Product Review: Bonorganics Herbal Shampoo


*tried on dry hair

Product Claims by the brand:

Ingredients: Safe surfactants invigorated with Organic herbals, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic essential oils of Tea Tree, Vitamin E, Occimum & natural conditioner. Contains No Harsh Chemicals, No Alcohol, No Animal Products or Sulphates. 

Description: Containing active plant extracts and beautiful essential oils such as that of Tea Tree & Ocimum, this is great and gentle on the scalp without stripping the natural oils of the hair & scalp. This nourishing and effective cleanser is also a great hair therapy.

Directions: Take required quantity of Bio Organic & Natural’s Herbal shampoo on palm and create a vague lather. Apply onto hair and scalp and continue to lather. Finally, cleanse and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Avoid contact with eyes. Follow the routine with Bio Organic & Naturals’ Herbal conditioner for better results.


My Experience: 

Bonorganics is one trustworthy brand with an USDA organic certification which means it is 95% organic. So one can safely try their products was what I felt & gave a shot. They have a great collection of almost all skin & hair essentials including basic make up ones. Also, this is one of brands that is value priced in the organic segment which is a relief. This is definitely a lovely brand but did their ‘herbal shampoo’ live up to its claims? Read on to know my take…

Packaging: It comes in a transparent bottle with a flip cap. Simple and neat just to serve the purpose. It dispenses the optimum amount of product for usage. Thumbs up for the fuss free simple packaging. The product is environment friendly , not sure if it applies to the packaging too. I wish it is

Texture & Colour: It is a transparent runny gel based light green liquid. It spreads well & not more amount is required per use. The texture is just right and lathers decently. I shampoo my hair twice a week and the 200ml lasted for 2 months.

Fragrance: It has a refreshing herbal fragrance and let’s U enjoy the pleasant cleansing ritual. However it is not an overpowering one & will not bother U. Also, it lasts only during the wash.

Ingredients analysis:  Full ingredients list is not mentioned. However, since this is 95% certified organic, I din bother much & confidently made the purchase. It is definitely free from harsh chemicals. No doubt. But the mention of the term ‘safe surfactants’ is bothering. Also, the color is a attractive light green, so I doubt if it  has added colours. Same case with the fragrance. No clarity


Efficiency: As a cleanser it does it’s job really well. Removes oil fuss free in one rinse. It is gentle, mild, nourishing & not drying at all. It also tames my dry frizzy hair and makes it better manageable even when used alone without a conditioner. It also gives a decent shine & bounce. All these qualities are set right!

Now coming to the most disturbing part…This shampoo scared the hell out of me causing an alarming increase in hair fall. U may think that hairfall can be due to other reasons too …like wrong conditioner, wrong food intake, medications, etc but why I’m confidently sourcing it to this shampoo is because…

  1. I’m using this for the past 2 months & din have hairfall issues before that (when I was using the forest essentials shampoo & conditioner)
  2. I changed only my shampoo in my whole hair care routine, others were retained the same.
  3. I noticed increase in hairfall in the 3rd use itself but wanted to give it time before making an inference.
  4. Sadly there was no change & it was worsening & alarming😭
  5. So I stopped using it & switched to another shampoo. Within a week, the hairfall was reduced & back to normal.

From the above, it is clear that this shampoo was the sole reason for my hairfall. scared about this part. I read a lot of positive reviews about this product and many claimed that it is good but unfortunately it did not work for me. Probably since I have been using only chemical free products for the past 5 years & may be even the mild chemical surfactants(details not mentioned) took a toll on my hair.


  • USDA certified 95% organic
  • pocket friendly
  • Women empowerment policy
  • cruelty free
  • biodegradable
  • cleanses well
  • tames frizzes


  • Alarming increase in hairfall
  • surfactant details not disclosed
  • full ingredients list missing

My Verdict : I prefer to stay away from this Bonorganics herbal shampoo. Though loved by many, dint work for me😔👎

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