Product Review – Rosemary Therapeutic facial gel


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Product Claims by the brand:

Ingredients: Aloevera leaf extract, pudina water distillate, cucumber extract, green tea leaves extract, licorice roots extract, neem leaves extract, rosemary leaves oil, glycerin, purified water, benzyl alcohol, gel base, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, added colour

Description: gentle, non-foaming facial cleanser & toner which deep cleans impurities from within the pores without leaving skin feeling tight, dry or irritated. Dull and tired skin will instantly look healthier, refreshed… and more radiant with a glow-enhancing blend of brightening extracts. The added benefit of Mint provides anti-inflammatory relief for easily irritated skin.This gel serves as an anti pollutant hydrator too for any skin type, it can be used on alternate days, works as a detoxifying anti pollutant purifier to smooth and hydrate stressed skin.

Directions: Using fingertips, apply to entire face, neck and chest. Massage in upward and circulatory strokes for 5.6 minutes, rinse off. 


My Experience: 

Botanic Love’s USP is its results & protocols. Have tried many of their products & they have given good results👌. They have unique protocols like – only ten minutes masking is required, all their cleansers are 2 in 1 & serve as both cleansers cum toners. This Rosemary therapeutic gel was adviced to me to as a part of my anti acne routine. Let’s get to the details:

Packaging: It comes in a sturdy glass tub with screw cap. Unlike the usual wide tubs, this one is slender. Some may find this unhygienic. The label has a minimalist design with basic details. I find the packaging simple & classy.

Texture: It is a comparatively denser but feels light on skin. It is non sticky & spreads well. Massaging with this gel is a feel good act as it is smooth n blends with the skin thus easing out the process. More amount is required when used as a cleanser twice everyday and the 130g may last for a month. When used only as a massage gel everyday, it may last for 3 months.




Fragrance & Color: It has a soothing & refreshing smell of rosemary with a hint of green tea & mint tat I could sense. The aroma is instantly uplifting & calming at the same time. The color is a bright light green which is an added one. When it comes to natural products, I prefer the retained colours from the ingredients even if they aren’t attractive. So not a fan of this.

Ingredients anlysis: Aloevera leaf extract, pudina water distillate, cucumber extract, green tea leaves extract, licorice roots extract, neem leaves extract, rosemary leaves oil do wonders in calming & cooling down the skin & fixing the acne issue. Im sceptical about the gel base as it’s composition isn’t mentioned . The preservatives used are the safe one side recommended for use in natural products. There are No artificial colors & fragrance but it has natural added colour and another ingredient of moderate concern is benzyl alcohol.

Efficiency: I had a detailed consultation with Botanic Love and was suggested a fullfledged anti acne routine. My acne is stubborn & chronic due to my Allopathy medications & so are very difficult to suppress. I use this as a cleanser twice a day. I take a generous amount & massage for 5 minutes and wash off. It removes dirt and leaves a clean bright skin. It has a subtle cooling sensation(mint is an ingredient, so obvious) which instantly soothes my sensitive, irritated skin & literally calms down even the stubborn acne & leaves the skin at peace. The acne itching too is reduced to a great extent. It also makes the skin toned, supple & hydrated.


  • High efficiency
  • certified natural
  • refreshing aroma
  • Calming n cooling
  • cruelty free


  • added natural colour
  • benzyl alcohol
  • expensive

My Verdict: This Rosemary therapeutic facial gel is rightly named & is truly therapeutic!🌿🧡😇 

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