Product Review- Bottled Bliss Rose Scrub


*tried on dry skin

Product claims by the brand:

Ingredients: sugar, rose petals, rose water, organic colour, rose essential oil, olive oil

Directions: scrub gently on wet body and wash off. 


My Experience:

Bottled bliss is a homemade brand that claims to be ‘natural & chemical free’ & looking at the simple ingredients list, it sounds quite possible. I have been exploring body care products recently & decided to give this a try!

Packaging: It comes in a sturdy glass jar with a screw cap. The label is simple in black & white with the names of the brand, product & key ingredients.

Texture: It is a sugar based scrub and the texture is that of sugar lumps. It is pink in Color, feels moist & is on the oily side. The colour is an added edible one. More quantity is required per use & This 300ml should last for two months when used once a week.


Fragrance: It smells exactly like sorbet or rose water, the One from Damascus rose. The aroma is from rose essential oil & lasts during the use only.

Efficiency: It melts gradually when scrubbed on skin & does a decent exfoliation. Unlike some sugar scrubs that tend to hurt, these lumps aren’t abrasive. However, they are comparatively larger granules & I find it difficult to spread them on skin & hence end up with wastage during the process. It leaves behind a thin film post washing off which is very hydrating. The oil tends to settle down at the bottom of the glass jar, so make sure to stir before use. Overall, it leaves behind a smooth, well moisturised skin.


  • homemade
  • affordable


  • not organic sugar

My Verdict: A gud sugar scrub for dry skin with the goodness of roses.

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