Product Review- Bottled Bliss Miracle face pack

*tried on dry skin

Product Claims by the brand:

Ingredients: rose petals powder, orange peel powder, neem powder, Multani mitti

Directions: Mix equal quantities with milk for dry skin/curd for oily skin & apply.


My Experience: 

Bottled Bliss is a homemade brand based in Chennai. They sounded authentic with their testimonials, associations & newspaper articles. They claim to be ‘natural & chemical free’ and looking at their simple ingredients list, they sound believable. Read on to know about their miracle face pack:

Packaging: It comes in a sturdy glass jar with a screw cap. The best possible choice to store an ubtan. It has a black & white label with brand name, product & key ingredients list.

Texture: It is a finely powdered ubtan. It also has crushed rose petals as part of it. The 300 g will easily last for more than 3 months even if used daily for the face and for one month if used for the body. It is easy to apply as it spreads well & easy to wash off.


Fragrance: It smells mostly of Multani mitti & orange peel dominated by rose aroma from the rose petals. I enjoy this fragrance.

Efficiency: I apply & keep it for 10 minutes & wash off. It is very light on the skin & gives a cooling sensation. Also, I liked the rose petal granules giving a mild exfoliation every time. I use it as a body pack expecting to get rid of my tan & it did a decent  job. Apart from that, since it’s key ingredient is rose petals, it soothes the skin & nourishes it giving a subtle radiant glow with consistent usage.  This is a multipurpose ubtan that can be used as an everyday facial cleanser, mild scrub, face pack & body bath powder/pack.


  • handmade
  • affordable
  • multipurpose
  • no synthetic chemicals & preservatives


  • none

My Verdict: A lovely, affordable & natural ubtan suitable for dry skin to impart a supple skin with a subtle glow.

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