Wooden Vs Plastic Comb – Why Swap?

We always pay attention to our shampoos n oils but not to combs we use. You may think how a comb that U use hardly for 2 minutes twice a day can matter so much???? Remember the saying “walk of ants can wear out a rock” , the same applies here. Imagine the damage caused by using those plastic combs 365*2 times a year. Isn’t tat enough damage???😱 Ufffffffff🤧🤧🤧. The type of comb U use on a regular basis can make or break ur hair. In early days, combs were made from stone, ivory, horn, shells and wood. Later on with precious metals like gold & silver but wooden combs were predominantly used due to their easy availability & affordability. I don wish to get deep into lectures on why plastic is bad, etc. That is well known by all of us. We still continue using it because it is widely available, cheaper, lesser alternatives and we got used to it. In this post, I just wanna focus on the immense benefits of a wooden comb and why this simple swap can do loads of goodness to U, Ur hair😇 & our planet! Keep reading…

Wooden Vs Plastic Comb:

  • Static Electricity: Static can cause severe damage to the hair over a period of time. What is static? I’m sure we all will remember an experiment with combs during our younger days where we comb our hair and keep it near bits of paper and watch it pulling the bits like a magnet. This is because plastic & metal combs create static electricity. This static created tends to pull the hair, snap it, make it brittle, stiff & also reduces the speed of energy supply to the brain. Wood is an insulator(does not conduct electricity) and hence there is no static created with a wooden comb👌.


  • Scalp health: All wooden combs are hypoallergenic & have anti bacterial properties. Especially Sandal & Neem are natural antiseptic thus preventing growth of microbes. They avoid reinfection and hence helps in treating dandruff, aloepecia, allergies, eruptions & itchy scalp. Unlike a plastic or metal comb, it helps in distributing the sebum secreted equally to the hair shaft and prevents the hair from drying out & maintaining the bounce.


  • Massage: If U start using a wooden comb, U will feel the difference & there are chances U may even tend to comb for a longer time than when using plastic ones. With plastic combs, some even get regular headaches if combed frequently. With wooden comb, the combing process is relaxing as U get a stimulating scalp massage & there is no friction. The head is where all internal energy converges & has many acupressure points and proper combing is said to ease the nerves & relieve tiredness & fatigue to an extent(chakra balance explains this clearly). It is also said to enhance eyesight and youthfulness & regulate menstrual cycle(again, it’s all about the nerves, when mind & body is relaxed, things fall in place should be the logic I guess)


  • Hair loss&damage: As there is no static caused, wooden combs tend to glide smoothly without snapping. It is softer & gentler. The massage stimulates the occipital region(at the back of head that supplies fresh blood flow to hair follicles) and increases blood flow. Hair follicles are supplied with vital nutrients preventing further damage & hair fall and accelerates hair growth. Also, detangling is easier with wooden combs as they don pull or snap hair.


  • Maintainence: Wooden combs should not be dipped in water for more than three minutes as they tend to expand. Cleaning it with a brush will suffice because dirt dusnt stick & accumulate much like in the plastic comb. It is also adviced to apply some oil(coconut, jojoba, olive, etc) to the comb twice a year to prevent it from drying. If U are someone oiling ur hair periodically and combing, this step is not required. If U need a perfumed comb, rub ur favourite essential oil to it & splurge😍8f89d111-4682-4d18-895c-874ac11b168d.jpeg
  • Durability: The comb of mine(shown in last pic below)is 3 years old & still going strong. Wood will last longer than plastic. In three years if I had used a plastic comb, I would have definitely purchased atleast 7-8 by now. Do the math & U will know which one is cheaper😉 A30D08A1-B926-4258-9F90-A9EF8BAA23A9
  • Biodegradable: The best part is wood is natural and sustainable. Unlike plastic which is not biodegradable and is damaging our oceans and coral reefs & hence we are indirectly contributing to reducing one piece of plastic use. ToothBrushes, combs & water bottles are 3 things which we cannot avoid and is mostly made of plastic. If we can swap it with natural alternatives like wood, metal or glass, it will be a giant leap. These alternatives are available for the same price & are healthier options. Think about it!



  • Variants: There are so many choices made of neem, sandalwood, bamboo & sisum wood. If U r sumone looking for designer combs, that choice is also plenty. U can buy them online from amazon, Flipkart and offline from organic stores like Dhanyam, etc.


My Comb

My Experience: I personally like the brand The Indus Valley because their neem combs have a good finishing & are efficient. I tried purchasing other brands for my mother & cousins, but weren’t as good as this one. They are available on Flipkart. I have been using this comb for 3 years now & love it. I have no idea going back to the plastic combs when wooden one is full of benefits. However, using this comb alone cannot fix ur dandruff or hairfall issues but will prevent it from worsening it further. When combined with proper treatment products, can definitely fix the issues. So, Make the switch! Decision is Urs🙂🙂🙂 Happy & healthy combing folks!!!

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