Product Review- Skin Yoga coffee body scrub

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Product Description:

Ingredients: Grounded coffee beans, pure sesame oil, pure coconut oil

Description: A good body scrub is a must have for maintaining healthy and smooth skin. Skinyoga Coffee Body Scrub is a great combination of skin friendly ingredients which soothes your skin. This scrub is enriched with ground coffee beans, pure coconut oil and pure sesame oil. The caffeine enhances fat metabolism and removes fat from your skin, ultimately reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The natural oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin. This scrub also protects your skin from sun damage.

Directions: After your routine shower, apply small handfuls of the scrub onto wet skin. Scrub your entire body for 5-7 minutes. Rinse well.


My Experience:

Packaging: It comes in a golden pouch that looks luxurious with a zip locker. I’m personally not a fan of this packaging because air tight glass containers are always the best packaging choice for natural products. I also find it inconvenient to scoop out from the pouch, every time.


Texture: It is grounded coffee, coarse with lots of lumps. The grains are not harsh or mild. They are of perfect texture to give the right exfoliation. I prefer exfoliation twice a week. When used for full body, the 100gm will last only for 5 uses.


Fragrance: It has rich aroma of coffee in its purest form. Being a coffee lover, I enjoy this thoroughly. My bathroom smells like entering a CCD outlet.

Efficiency: It should be used on wet skin post cleansing with soap/shower gel. It has to be emulsified to spread well. Unlike some powder scrubs that gets wasted as it is difficult to spread them, this one easily sticks to the body and there is no wastage. The rich brown pigments transfers to body while scrubbing but washes off post rinsing. I could feel the oils in the scrub moisturising my skin and my dry dehydrated skin is very badly in need of it. The oils donot get washed off completely on rinsing and residue stays back. This however is not a sticky but just right to leave the hydration behind for a longer time. The exfoliation is effective and leaves a smooth, soothing, hydrated, clean skin. I can’t comment on reduction in cellulite or stretch marks because I believe those can be observed only in the long run.


  • chemical free
  • no added color or fragrance
  • preservative free
  • pure ingredients sourced from their place of origin
  • Not abrasive
  • Good hydration


  • overpriced
  • packagaging & storage

My Verdict: No doubt this is a super efficient body scrub but unlike a special formulation with unique chosen combination of ingredients, this is just an essential scrub with a basic combination & for that I find it definitely overpriced😏

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