Significance of Earrings – Science/Tradition

It is amazing how our ancestors knew the science of our body and mind. All Indian traditions are designed to give wellness, physically and mentally. One such is wearing ornaments in different parts of our body. None of the ornaments we wear are just for embellishments. There are 36 kind of essential jewellery as per Vedic era. Drafting the significance of these 36 at one go is impossible. Let’s check out the significance of the most important & one of the 16 adornments of a bride, which is the ‘earrings’, in this post:





  • Earrings are supposed to be a unisex ornament.
  • Most of us are aware that in early days both men and women wear earrings (I remember Arjuna@Shaheer Sheikh, one of the Pandavas, wearing them in the Mahabharat serial telecasted. He is a handsome young man with huge female fan base, so gals would have noticed it. I did😉😉😜)
  • In general right & left sides of the body are the masculine & feminine sides respectively. Hence, it is believed that right ear for a boy and left ear for the girl should be pierced first.
  • Disease of female and male organs were treated in the ancient days by wearing earrings in the left & right ear, by simulating the acu-points, respectively.





  • Gold & Silver Earrings are ideal.
  • This is because gold attracts the energy & aura of the body whereas silver attracts energy of the earth.
  • This is why it is advised to wear gold ornaments on parts above the navel(neck, hips, head) and silver for body parts below the navel(legs, toes).
  • When there is energy deficiency gold earrings are adviced & when there is energy overflow(hyperactivity), silver can be used as it helps in grounding.
  • Gemstones can be added for specific therapeutic effects.





  • It is said that acupuncture & acupressure originated in India and was later conserved & modified by the Chinese.
  • The outer earlobe has a lot of acupressure & acupuncture points.
  • Remember getting a nice pinch in ur ears by ur teacher for sleeping in class? It wasn’t a punishment, it was meant to activate U.
  • The exact point to be pierced is termed as the ‘Third eye’ or psychic point.
  • The nerves from this point is connected to the nerves of the brain, kidney, eyes & cervix for both female & male in addition to the reproductive system for the female.




Specific health benefits:

  • Susruta, the great Indian surgeon, advocates ear piercing saying it prevents diseases like hernia & hydrocele.
  • Hippocrates, the father of western medicine has written that ear piercing & wearing earrings helps regulating menstrual cycle & prevent hysteria.
  • Piercing a child’s ear helps in better brain development as it is good for the meridians connecting the brain which passes through this area.
  • Most disease are due to renal disorder and bowel clearance issues, earrings help regulating the same.
  • Wearing earrings provide friction in the nerves and improves eyesight.
  • It maintains flow of current in the human body
  • Magnetic earrings are adviced to women suffering from obesity as there is a point on the ear known as hunger point and working on this point helps in regulating diet for weight loss.
  • It also helps in the development of intellect, power of thinking & decision making.
  • Ear piercing helps in speech restraint & reduces impulsive behaviour thus staying composed. Since women are basically talkative and expressive in nature, this helps.




Method of piercing:

  • All Kids who are one year old are adviced to pierce their ears.
  • The new gun piercing method is trending now.
  • This is comparatively easier to practice,  but not adviceable because it is done with blunt force and by untrained.
  • Only an experienced person will know the exact acu-point in the earlobe to be pierced.
  • Gold, silver, iron or copper needle only is advised to be used for piercing.




My Experience:

I was a gal who wore earrings only to step out of the house. My grandma kept yelling at me all the time asking to wear atleast a small gold earrings and chain 24*7 when at home. I never realised the significance. The reason I don wear gold is because I’m very choosy & not a fan of the regular gold designs and always go for the Designer earrings🙄🙄😷😷. The moment I realised this significance, I purchased two stylish gold earrings  and a chain from Tanishq (I love their trendy designs😍) and am wearing it most of the time including sleep time. Also purchased some silver jewellery sets. I think silver is the one for me as I’m hyperactive most of the time…lol😂😂😂😂.

Logically I can’t comment on the effects or transformation as this is not sumthing that can directly impact or change anything overnight. This is a preventive and regulative measure and I have faith in our ancestors & our tradition😇😇 😌✌🏻

And guys!!! Wanna make a fashion statement by piercing ur right ear? now tat U got an apt answer to give, Peacefully proceed😎😎😎

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