Product Review- Ayca Aloe Vera gel Tea Tree


P.S. tried on oily acne prone skin

Product Details:

Ingredients: Pure Aloe Vera with a cellulose derived geling agent and essential oil of Tea Tree. Paraben & SLS Free Formulation.

Description: A non-comedogenic, hydrating facial gel for acne prone skin. This light and non-greasy formula is enriched with the essential oil of tea tree known for its effectiveness against acne and blemishes.

Directions: Apply a small amount on the face (as an alternative to moisturizer) at least twice a day.


My Experience:

The brand positioning of Ayca sounded authentic and also I haven’t come across an aloe vera gel based product with tea tree which is a saviour for acne issues. I have an oily acne prone skin, so blindly went for this product after my usual background checks.

Packaging: It comes in an amber glass jar with a lid. I love the packaging choice cos it is light blocking, less reactive which is not possible with a transparent, plastic jar respectively. So the product is preserved better. Special 👏 for this. The only con is many may find the tub packaging unhygienic but I personally find this easy to use & has zero wastage. The labelling is simple & I find it classy!


Texture: It is transparent watery gel. It spreads really well and doesn’t require much per use. I use it twice a day as I have stubborn acne and it lasted for a month.

Fragrance: The fragrance is that of tea tree. I find it neither pleasant nor disturbing. It is a herbal fragrance so I did like it though din enjoy it.

Efficiency: I must say this is super efficient in fixing my acne issues and reduces breakouts drastically. Have been using the forest essentials aloe vera gel which is great too, but if ur concern is acne, this is the one! It also provides good hydration and leaves a matte finish. It has slightly worked on my blemishes and scars too.


  • chemical free
  • amber glass packaging
  • Combats acne efficiently
  • good hydration
  • matte finish
  • reduces breakouts drastically
  • no synthetic colour, fragrance, preservative


  • availability
  • no full list of ingredients
  • expensive

My Verdict : If U r suffering from serious acne issues, no need of second thoughts,  Go for it✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻. I am yet to find an equally good one that handles acne so well.

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