Significance of wearing Jasmine – science/tradition

We all love flowers for their fragrance & beauty. It is common with Indian women to adorn their hair with flowers mostly the lovely Jasmine. Apart from looking at it only as an accessory that adds beauty & feminity, there definitely is greater significance in this, like every other Indian tradition that may just look fancy. There is a saying that women wearing flowers bring good luck to the household, read on to realise the actual reason:



  • This is an age old practice of using fragrance of plant extracts and essential oils for healing.
  • We are running behind scented candles & diffusers for the same(most of which provide artificial fragrances and dusnt serve the actual purpose) whereas the easiest way to practice it is by wearing flowers everyday.

Anti depressant:

  • Jasmine triggers beta rhythms in the brain helping in mental alertness & lifting spirits.
  • It reduces nervousness & enhances relaxation by keeping the brain in calmness.
  • It serves as a natural sedative by relaxing the nerves & helps in insomnia/sleep disorders.

Alcohol withdrawal:

  • A new research says the smell of Jasmine is “as calming as Valium”.
  • Valium is a drug used to treat anxiety, alcohol withdrawal & insomnia.
  • Jasmine helps in relieving people from narcotic & other addictions.
  • The euphoric effects, freeing inhibitions, feeling elated, optimistic, worry free are the aims of drinking to which Jasmine is a clean conscious alternative, without addiction.




  • There is lot of stress involved with pregnancy.
  • Jasmine is an excellent shock releaser and helps reducing post partum depression and emotional lows.


  • It tones uterus & protects it from tumours.
  • Regulates period cycles.
  • It is a combination of compounds like linalool, salicylic acid, etc & hence is a natural astringent, antiseptic & antispasmodic(relieves spasms & cramps as it relaxes nerves).


  • It is one of the 16 adornments of a South Indian women in a wedding. In addition to which the bride & groom wear garlands.
  • In most Indian weddings, guests are welcomed with Jasmine flowers and it is used widely in decors.
  • This is because, marriages involve loads of tension and emotions, Jasmine eases out the same and maintains a feel good aura.
  • It is an eminent part of the wedding night of the newly wed because it is an aphrodisiac, also helps in relaxing inhibitions, releasing energies,  prevents pre ejaculation & helps post sex calming down.



The Flower Power theory:

  • Source : The Journal named “Evolutionary Psychology”
  • This is a theory that proves flowers trigger positive emotions & helps in social relationships.
  • The demo had same men & women asking for the same help, with and without flowers adorned in their hair or hands and 76.7% of the time they were given help compared to only 50.8% of the time without flowers.
  • The inference states flower power is a fact & it can drive positive emotions like sympathy,connectedness, reinforce social behaviour, socio economic acts such as greeting patterns, enhance memory of events, etc.

why not for men?

  • I had this doubt but cudnt find an answer. So kind of did a guess work answering to myself.
  • Looks like in ancient days men used to keep flowers in their ears but the trend changed just like the way earlier men had long hair too but now it is more of a women thing.
  • so right now the only way is making sure the women around you wears flowers😂😂😂 so that U can enjoy the benefits too or go for aromatherapy with essential oils, the longer route 😉, upto U guys 😝

My Experience:

I try my best to practice what I preach. For the daytime, I can’t wear jasmine to office everyday as it won’t look formal but make sure I do it in the evenings and go to bed with it. Even on days when I can’t, I make sure my mom wears it and torcher her to stay in proximity(tats me)😂😅💃🏽😜.

lets create a stress free zone with Jasmine in our daily routine😃😃😃

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