Significance of touching feet of parents-science/tradition

I have been practising this everyday for the past two months. Now, please don’t position me as an obedient soft spoken daughter, which I’m clearly not😝. I’m one the craziest troublesome daughters in the world🤩. I also used to laugh at our traditions and denied practising them blindly. Reading mythology books was an eye opener and I started realising the advanced knowledge our ancestors had. Every single practice had a scientific base and was devised as a tradition to help us lead a quality life. Before I share my personal experience, let us check out the science behind this act of touching feet,

Human body is a conductor of electricity. It consists of positive and negative energies which flow continuously end to end. Our body when vertically divided into two parts the left side has negative currents and right side has positive currents.

Circuit formation:

The right way to perform this act is to keep your body half bent, spine stretched and without bending the knees. The left & right hand is to be placed on the right & left feet of the elder, respectively. The elder person should now touch the head of the younger one.

Circuit establishment:

The nerves starting from our brain spread across our body and end in the finger tips of hands & feet. Thus energies meet, forms a big circuit and energies flow uniformly without any up and downs.

Circuit completion:

When elders touch your head with right hand, there is increase in the free flow of positive energy by grounding negative energies like ego, etc. Like a lamp illuminates and lights another lamp without losing its energy, a connection is established between the hearts & minds of the two.

This is also a yogic posture with health benefits. The same circuit can be established in more ways/postures. The health benefits alone may vary.

Once I realised the above, I wanted to practise but like most of U, I also shared an over friendly crazy relationship with my mom which includes weird tiffs on alternative days🤣. So all of a sudden starting this felt really funny. However, I was stern & somehow managed to crush my ego and did it. The transformation was amazing. Day one both of us bursted out laughing but I sensed a hidden smile and pleasantness on her face. She felt good😍. And rarely I had the chance to make her feel that from within. I made sure I never skipped it even during our fighter days but ofcourse did it with a horrible monkey face😈. The moment I touch her feet, the melt down occurs for both of us and tadaa…A blessed new day blossoms. The two months had been so breezy, filled with more smiles and harmony😇. All because of this one new act which is difficult to explain in words.

Similar things can be achieved with a hug, handshake also. But that can be done with our age groups too. This is an extra mile which also shows respect and moves their hearts and the ultimate benefit is mutual. Matha, Pithaa, Guru, Deivam is the order, so logically this should prioritised before temple visits.

This may not be rocket science and in this digital era, we have realised enough that rocket science can never bring us happiness. LITTLE THINGS MATTER THE MOST IN LIFE. So shed ur ego, ignore the weirdness & establish the physical connection, try it for 10 days and U won’t let it go!

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