Why Clean skin care?

These days, We have reached a point where we at least think twice before drinking a Coke/Pepsi but not many of us are aware of the harm caused by toxic chemicals/synthetics in skin care products.

The ground rule is very simple,


What we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream by dermal & nondermal pathways:

  • Dermal – Intercellular(through cells), intracellular(way between cells) & trasappendageal(hair follicles, sweat ducts, etc.). The uppermost layer is stratum corneum, a sheath of flattened dead skin cells, surrounded by water repelling lipids, that prevents our body from swelling up like a sponge everytime we bath.
  • Non dermal – E.g. Artificial Parfum/fragrance can be airborne & on inhalation through lungs get deposited in the blood stream.



The toxic chemical/synthetic ingredients are fast acting and invasive. That also is the reason to achieve overnight results. Most of the time, they come with hidden side effects like chronic headaches, cancers, breathing disabilities, dehydration, hormone disruption and lot more.


I have read cases about

– a woman who died of ovarian cancer and that it was linked to her use of baby talcs for decades and the company paid compensation accepting the same too.

– 18 out of 20 human breast tissue samples contain paraben(cheap preservative used in 99% brands)

The very reason for use of chemical/synthetic ingredients is because they are

> cheaper

> give longer shelf life

> give instant desired results



Even if you brush aside all the above factors and take things for granted, there is one more very annoying fact. The very same products that are used for skin enhancement ruin the quality of the skin in the long term. Prolonged usage of chemical/synthetic products will lead to skin complications like irritation, photosensitivity, clogging pores, early aging, hyper pigmentation, breakouts & lot more. If the very reason for using these products is at stake, what is the logic in using them? 😏😏😏

Trust me, there is nothing that can’t be achieved with organic(or atleast natural) skin care products. Organic ingredients are generally safe provided U are not allergic to a specific herb & choose products as per skintype and issues.

However, I’m neither a dermatologist nor a formulator, so please be informed that my opinions are based on my experience and association with experts.



I also agree that not all synthetics and chemicals are harmful. Incase U have expertise in differentiating the good & bad, it is ok to proceed. If not, with all these controversies going on, I feel avoiding them is a safer bet! Also my perspective aslways says “When nature offers so much in abundance, why artifical chemicals & synthetics?”

It is wiser to focus on supple healthy glowing skin that lasts forever 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

I have shared in this post only the basic logic and given a heads up of the potential harms of the toxic ingredients in personal care products. Stay tuned for a detailed post focusing on various ingredients, how to choose a clean brand, difference between organic & natural and lot more.

Skin is always in😎

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