Aromatherapy inbuilt in Indian Traditions

Aromatherapy is the art of healing various physical n emotional disorders by inhalation or topical application of essential oils or pure essence from plant extracts. It aims to restore the balance and promote holistic living. Essential oils have been used for more than 6000 years for healing. They were even used in World War I... Continue Reading →

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Sugar Vs Jaggery – Why Swap?

Both Jaggery & Sugar are sourced from sugarcane. Just like water has different forms but not all are same & safe, Jaggery & Sugar are different forms of calories with different properties & benefits. I was aware of the fact that Jaggery is healthier than sugar but never knew the difference in detail until 3... Continue Reading →

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Ayurveda Vs Allopathy – let’s be practical!

This is a common debate lately, so I wanted to touchbase & share my views as I feel it is critical. My points will be based 50% on facts, logics & 50% based on the experience of my family members, friends & colleagues whom I had the chance to closely observe & analyse in their... Continue Reading →

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Wooden Vs Plastic Comb – Why Swap?

We always pay attention to our shampoos n oils but not to combs we use. You may think how a comb that U use hardly for 2 minutes twice a day can matter so much???? Remember the saying “walk of ants can wear out a rock” , the same applies here. Imagine the damage caused... Continue Reading →

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Menstruation taboos unfolded – Science/Tradition

I’m happy about the whole stigma around menstruation easing out day by day and campaigns about menstrual hygiene doing the rounds. However, Women in India have a lot of restrictions to be followed during menstruating period. This is common in Hinduism, Islam & Christianity. As per Indian tradition, women are not allowed to visit temples/church/mosques, not... Continue Reading →

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Significance of Earrings – Science/Tradition

It is amazing how our ancestors knew the science of our body and mind. All Indian traditions are designed to give wellness, physically and mentally. One such is wearing ornaments in different parts of our body. None of the ornaments we wear are just for embellishments. There are 36 kind of essential jewellery as per Vedic... Continue Reading →

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Significance of wearing Jasmine – science/tradition

We all love flowers for their fragrance & beauty. It is common with Indian women to adorn their hair with flowers mostly the lovely Jasmine. Apart from looking at it only as an accessory that adds beauty & feminity, there definitely is greater significance in this, like every other Indian tradition that may just look... Continue Reading →

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Significance of eating posture – science/tradition

The dining table is a recent phenomena in India. Our ideal eating posture is by sitting on the floor crossed legs. Even our Kings used to sit on the floor & eat. There is a reason why monks meditate on the floor and not on chairs. The right eating posture can affect our body and... Continue Reading →

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Significance of touching feet of parents-science/tradition

I have been practising this everyday for the past two months. Now, please don’t position me as an obedient soft spoken daughter, which I’m clearly not😝. I’m one the craziest troublesome daughters in the world🤩. I also used to laugh at our traditions and denied practising them blindly. Reading mythology books was an eye opener... Continue Reading →

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Why Clean skin care?

These days, We have reached a point where we at least think twice before drinking a Coke/Pepsi but not many of us are aware of the harm caused by toxic chemicals/synthetics in skin care products. The ground rule is very simple, “DONOT PUT ON UR SKIN WHAT U CANNOT EAT!” What we put on our... Continue Reading →

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Sorich Organics Moring Green tea & Tulsi Review

{PR Sample} BRAND CLAIMS: MY TAKE: Sorich Organics is an authentic food brand that I came to know in the recent times. There are very few food brands in India that seem to be safe & trustworthy. I was convinced with their positioning and claims and decided to give it a shot. It deals in natural,... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Lifestyle inbuilt in Indian Culture

India is a land of rich cultural heritage with various traditions, weaved around as to live in harmony with nature. Our ancestors sure had a deep understanding of the basic essence that their livelihood depends on environment. Sustainability was the core element of Indian culture and every part of the ecosystem was duly preserved & respected... Continue Reading →

Yami Herbals Floral Fruity Facepack Review

{PR sample}     BRAND CLAIMS: MY TAKE: Yami herbals is a humble, trustworthy & traditional home made brand that claims to be 100% natural & synthetic/chemical free. It is one of the affordable brands in the natural segment. I was initially sceptical about this brand’s authenticity but after doing my usual homework, found it... Continue Reading →

Aroma Essentials Tomato facewash Review

{PR sample} BRAND CLAIMS: Ingredients List: tomato pulp powder, strawberry pulp powder, cedarwood eos, sandalwood eos, rosewood eos, AHAs, skin safe gel base q.s., added color(food grade), geogard. Description: Unclogs pores. Tomatoes contain high amounts of antioxidants that help in adding collagen to the skin and prevents it from sagging.  Directions: Wet face, apply(1g) a... Continue Reading →

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